It’s no secret that investment companies and property management groups have been buying up homes throughout the U.S. In North Carolina alone, almost entire neighborhoods have been converted into rows of rental properties.

While this may be frustrating to those looking to purchase a home since the available supply is shortened, it has also meant an increased demand in other services such as professional painters, cleaners, and remodeling contractors.

In Winston Salem, for instance, some of these rental companies are acquiring homes with what people might call “good bones,” and then upgrading them to attract higher rent prices going forward.

It might be a home built relatively recently, say within the last 20 years, that needs some electrical upgrades, improved windows for heat efficiency, a modernized kitchen, etc. Management companies are interested in making these investments because of the sudden demand for larger and more modern homes for rent.

The rapid rate at which those companies are looking to acquire properties and prepare them for tenants means quick, reliable move in/move out cleaners are essentially gold in the business.

The benefits of house cleaning services this summer

Move In Cleaning Services For Newly Renovated Rental Properties

Professional cleaners that can efficiently come into a home, clean all the surfaces, vacuum the floors, and remove dust and buildup from trim and outlets (high contrast and noticeable surfaces), make a huge difference in the readiness of the space. Painters can come in right behind them and refresh the walls, as can contractors that need to swap out appliances, cupboards, sinks, etc.

In some cases the cleaning crews come in after the remodeling contractors and tidy up the space then, which includes any dust, scuffs, etc. that the remodel created. That’s sometimes referred to as “post construction cleanup.”

It’s valuable, for sure. One of the toughest aspects of tenant turnover for landlords is dealing with stains in carpets, damage or scuffs to floors, and discolorations on the walls.

Move Out Cleaning Services Are Added Value For Realtors

With how competitive the real estate market is, realtors are always looking for ways to offer something the next agent isn’t.

Sometimes they do that by covering the cost of preliminary home inspections. Another simple but meaningful way they can add value is by connecting their clients with cleaners for move-in cleaning services to ensure everything is spotless prior to the client moving everything in.

Same for move out cleaning services for clients.

These are valuable ways a realtor can ease the transition for their clients, making the whole buying and selling experience smoother and reinforcing that the agent has their client’s interests well in hand.

kitchen and interior cleaning

House Cleaning Services As A Yearly Leasing Value-Add

Apartment complexes, townhome communities, and senior retirement communities are all businesses where the core revenue solidarity is in lease renewals. It’s costly to find new tenants, not to mention there are often renovations or repairs needed between them.

A simple yet noticeable value-add for property managers is a yearly complementary home cleaning service. It shows a commitment to the tenant, a way for the leasing company to sow back into the home.

And for retirement communities with individuals who may be starting to have mobility challenges, the idea of one really thorough, top to bottom clean per year that doesn’t cost them extra may be one of those things that builds their sense of comfort.

Rather than shop around for lower leasing rates or brave the efforts of relocation during a move, these tenants feel looked after and like staying put is a no-brainer.