Yep, this is a tough process with a lot of things to remember. Very likely you’re tired and a little frustrated, whether you’re leaving a home or an apartment.

While our cleaning crews can’t help you pack up the silverware or haul the furniture into the truck, we can help with the next best thing in the moving out process: a thorough move out cleaning.

Now that your rooms are empty, you’ll likely see just how much dust, grime, or random dirty spots there were hiding in the places you didn’t see often. If your landlord sees them, you know it’s going to create a negative impression that can cost you on getting your full deposit returned at the end (for renters).

Boxes piled up during the moving process
  • Faster selling process
  • Move into a fresh space with no worry about cleaning while settling in
  • Better odds of getting your full security deposit back
  • Save time with peace of mind

What’s included in move out cleaning services? (Houses or apartments)

Our goal is to give you a comprehensive list of exactly what you’ll need during the move out process, and not bog it down with anything you don’t need that needlessly increases costs or cleaning times.

Our standard move out cleaning checklist includes things like:

  • Thoroughly vacuuming all carpets and floors
  • Wiping down the baseboards, moldings, and door frames
  • Deep clean sinks, sanitize countertops, and appliances
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting toilets, showers, and tubs
  • Complete dusting of the house – even ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Window cleaning, including a wipe down of window sills and window frames

The idea is the make the place look move-in ready again with a deep clean you can count on.

For those in a rental property, your landlord will appreciate how you’ve made their life easier, and an impression of clean also lends to the general impression that you’ve taken good care of the property while living there. That can also make transitioning to your new house easier if your new landlord is looking for references.

And for homeowners, it will be all the easier for your realtor to set up a powerful showing for prospective buyers.

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If You’re Selling Your Home And Moving Out…

When you’re selling a home there’s a lot more going on than moving out of an apartment, because until the property is sold it’s still your responsibility. With all the moving parts involved in finding the new place, handling paperwork and mortgage applications, getting everything packed and managing the family throughout the move, it’s understandable to want to outsource any part of it that makes sense.

A common need that arises is cleaning the home and getting it ready for a showing, which makes a realtor’s job far easier. Everything from dirt in the carpets to dust on shelves and surfaces — and even cobwebs in that hard-to-reach corner — work against the first impression.

But just as often, homeowners feel the need for a thorough cleaning on the other side. It’s possible that whomever sold you your new home may not have done as thorough of a cleaning job as you did. Before moving all your furniture and things in, starting off with a complete clean makes a lot of sense. This ensures the space is disinfected, vacuumed and mopped completed, and that all parts of the floors and walls look their best.

Once your things are moved in, it’s tougher to accomplish that degree of clean.

Guy lifting a box during the moving process

Removing the stress included in a move.

This stage of your journey is a lot easier when you can rely on a dedicated team. As a cleaning company that has done a lot of work in Guilford and Forsyth counties for decades, we’re efficient and find many of our move out cleaning customers say the process was a lot less stressful having someone help them prepare the space.

Whether buying or selling a property, or working with a lease, move out cleaning services are reliably money well spent. 

If You’re Moving Out Of An Apartment…

Our apartment cleaning checklist is tailored for smaller spaces and set to move quickly. Like mentioned above, one of the major things a landlord or leasing agency will be looking at once you’re out, when determining whether there are additional fees, is whether things look dingy or damaged.

The last thing tenants want is to pay for damage in that apartment.

While we can’t help with any damage there might be from your time living there, we can definitely show you care with a neat, tidy look.

Anecdotally, a few folks have told us they’d stayed at various apartments for years and never got their security deposit back. But the first time they used a move out cleaning service, they got the whole thing back without question from their landlord.

That’s a real win for us when customers feel we’ve done a fantastic job that’s changed how they feel above moving with a team of professionals. This form of deep cleaning can save hours of stressful work, and the attention to detail goods a long way toward good rapport with landlords. For them, making professional cleaning something included in a move is a simple change with a lot of value.

Your Previous Residence Will Be Ready For Prospective Tenants.

That’s a property manager’s biggest priority as they consider their next tenant. How seamlessly can other tenants move in? Some landlords may even have professionals they use ongoingly between tenants, where the benefits of a turnkey move out clean are proven.

For Landlords and Property Managers, Deep Cleaning Partners Are A Simple Addition To The SOP.

Landlords and property managers are used to no strangers to outsourcing maintenance and operating as a team. AirBnB hosts often say that regular cleaning services are a crucial step toward focus and efficient contact with each guest.

Charging small cleaning fees isn’t unusual in that industry, and makes life easier. A host can easily spend hours in a given week repeatedly cleaning the same space.

An empty house is an unprofitable one, and the last thing a host wants is to have delays before they can take on a new tenant because their process is slow or convoluted.

Our Move Out Cleaning Services Are Green and Eco-Friendly For No Worry Contact.

We’ve been using exclusively eco-friendly cleaning products for many years now. The advantages, on top of the environmental benefits, are pretty simple:

  • No harsh fumes that you need to wait out before enjoying the space again
  • No dangerous chemical residue left on surfaces
  • Vacuuming won’t kick up odors or irritants afterward
  • Quick drying and won’t attract dust
  • Peace of mind

Even in a move-out scenario where you won’t be in the home anymore after the clean most likely, the lack of fumes or damp fabrics is extremely helpful for the inevitable walk through thereafter. Especially if the move out cleaning ends up being last minute. It’s a service that’s easy to prepare for even in an old home.

A couple happily moving into a new home

Simple, No Hassle Free Quotes

Our team can stop by your home and provide a free assessment. Square footage and other factors can affect pricing, but our goal is to make the process as simple and understandable as possible.

If it sounds good to you, we’ll go ahead and get your cleaning scheduled.

We’re fully bonded and insured, and have a long-standing reputation in the community for quality work.