Retail Store Cleaning Services

In today’s competitive retail space, everything about your store’s appearance affects both impulse customers and repeat business alike.

You need a professional cleaning partner you can rely upon day after day, month after month, to keep surfaces looking sharp and free of unsafe buildup.

Our family-owned cleaning company has been around over two decades, and in that time we’ve built a powerful track record with commercial customers in the local community.

Retail checkout on clean counter
Retail shopper with mask, appreciating the cleanliness

Disinfecting & buffing of all hard floor surfaces

✓ Thorough cleaning of restrooms, break rooms, dressing rooms, entryways, and escalators

 Ample, reliable cleaning teams to handle large retail locations — even regional groups of them

The Attention To Detail For The Right First Impression

A clean retail store, inside and out, can play a surprising role in boosting spontaneous visits.

It’s especially true when you’re located in a mall or shopping center, but the research on this bears out in all cases. How well-maintained the store looks from the parking lot says a lot to the customer about what to expect inside, and affects their assumptions about the quality of your products within.

When the floor and shelf surfaces are fresh, free of dust or scuffs, everything about how the lighting reflects off the tile and the products pops.

Not everyone looks at retail cleaning as directly related to sales, but it certainly can be when done well.

Professional House Cleaning for the Holidays

Shopping Experience Affects Repeat Business

Now more than ever.

Years ago customers were far more “settled in” with their shopping habits, and more or less would find stores they liked and return there reliably.

Recent studies on buying behaviors have shown that modern shopper — armed with smartphones where they can compare prices and locations at any time — are far more willing to change plans and head somewhere else.

And that’s true even if they’ve shopped at your store for many years. All it takes is a reason.

Having an off week where floors are dirty, entryways look congested or dingy, or products and shelves bear some dust, can all be that trigger.

With the convenience of online retail shopping these days, brick and mortar stores are more dependent than before on creating an experience.

Let’s face it: the layout of an e-commerce site surely affects experience, but it’s not the same as walking into a retail store.

That’s an opportunity and not a liability.

Retail employees gathered in a break room

Proven Disinfection Methods To Keep Your Employees Safe

No one wants an outbreak in their retail store, and preventing absenteeism measurably improves profitability.

But beyond a workflow standpoint which obvious matters, research has also shown that a customer’s perception of a store’s cleanliness because of COVID-19 has become far more central.

Imagine someone gets sick after visiting your store and attributes the illness to the visit.

Now imagine them mentioning that to friends and family, and even colleagues.

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