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Commercial Kitchen & Hood Cleaning Services

Commercial Kitchen & Hood Cleaning Services

Commercial kitchens are one of the busiest environments, and because they involve preparing food for others they're often subject to stricter inspections and requirements. If you're looking for a cleaning crew to regularly clean your restaurant, office, and commercial...

Better Hygiene Can Prevent Illness by 37% Alone

As relates directly to another recent post we published on the coronavirus in Singapore, the European Cleaning Journal shared a study with some simple yet very promising figures. Namely, that better hand washing practices can decrease the spread of all disease, and in...

A Reflection on the #Trashtag Cleaning Challenge

Last year a movement known as the #Trashtag Challenge went viral, resulting in over 300,000 social shares and thousands of people going outdoors looking for ways to cleaning up their environment. The idea was to take a photo of yourself cleaning up a local area badly...

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