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Cleaning Services That Befit Clemmons’ Distinct Beauty

As a lifelong resident of Kernersville and someone deeply rooted in the professional cleaning industry, I'm thrilled to share my insights on the neighboring town of Clemmons. Both Kernersville and Clemmons may small towns on the outskirts of larger cities, but they're...

Ways To Disinfect Clothing In The Laundry

Ways To Disinfect Clothing In The Laundry

Laundry detergent can help remove some stains and make clothes smell fresh again, but doesn't necessarily disinfect the fabric. If you're looking for ways to can enhance the washing experience without using bleach or risking skin irritation wearing the clothes...

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting and Why The Distinction Matters

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting and Why The Distinction Matters

Cleaning and disinfecting are actually not as interchangeable as they seem. In the professional cleaning industry the distinction is important because one is more cosmetic and the other is entirely about sanitation. When you clean something, you've visibly wiped away...

How Does UV Sterilization Work In Cleaning Tech?

UV cleaning lights are special tools that emit UV spectrum light, which is different than the normal light a flashlight or lamp puts out. UV light has known benefits for killing bacteria — both airborne and surface-dwelling. Ultraviolet basically means "beyond...

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