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Professional Cleaning Just Got A Lot More Powerful

One of the biggest hesitations office managers have about making the move to outsource the office cleaning is the fear of it being obtrusive to the day-to-day work of the staff. One way cleaning technology is working to make this simpler is the Clorox Total 360...

Summer Housekeeping Services

Summer Housekeeping Services

We all know that having a clean home is important, but sometimes we forget just why it’s so important. Then, we fail to properly clean our homes because if it hasn’t seemed to affect us up until now, why start? Health Benefits of a Clean Home Clean homes are not only...

House Cleaner Jobs in the Kernersville, NC Area

If you're looking for work as a house cleaner in a growing, family-owned company we'd be happy to talk to you. The first step is to visit our Employment page, where you will answer a few basic questions to begin the interview process. This gives us a starting point...

New Clorox Total 360 Solutions at Carolina Services of the Triad

Big news for all of our cleaning customers, and particularly those in the educational and healthcare facilities. We've taken on the Clorox Total 360 program for significantly faster and more thorough disinfecting solutions. This allows us to augment all of our current...

Easy Payments For An On-The-Go Household

Easy Payments For An On-The-Go Household

You have enough bills to keep track of — due dates in a busy lifestyle. We recognize that the biggest advantage of hiring house cleaners is the time savings, so it doesn't make sense to create another time waster afterward. That's why we make it simple for anyone...

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