There are a lot of moving parts involved in any construction project, and as it winds down there are still several steps before a commercial property is ready for business. This is where post construction cleanup services come in.

The bigger, more obvious things come first.

But after floors are mopped, carpets vacuumed, and windows washed, there are all those subtle details that make all the difference. For hotels and retail locations in particular, missing those details is money on the table.

Any business owner who has done renovations in the past has probably seen stray paint around trim, caulk spots around windows, or dust and dirt around sinks and toilets. Construction cleanup teams oversee the winding down of the construction work and look out for all these things.

First and foremost what that means is peace of mind.

Construction cleanup: getting your building opened for business

Any time companies are engaged in new construction (or even larger scale renovations) it’s a considerable investment — one that won’t generate a return until the doors are open to the public.

We’ll stay in close communication with the other contractors involved to keep coordinated, especially since construction projects can be unpredictable as far as timelines and snags go. This helps keep everything smooth and prevents redundancy or wasted time.

After the big stuff is done, we still need to clean light fixtures, remove dust, and wipe down the trim for a show-ready appearance geared toward a successful grand opening.

Construction cleaning also means having the right equipment.

When there’s caulk, glue, or other residue on newly painted walls, it takes expertise and special materials to remove them without damaging the paint. We’ve been able to come in and remove residue from walls that the teams before us couldn’t, and once it was gone you’d never have known it was there.

Part of that is having a trained, steady hand, and part of it is clever use of tools that cleaning crews that are moving fast or in a rush wouldn’t use.

There’s nothing worse than finishing a renovation and having to have painters come back and re-cover damaged areas. We try to avoid that happening as much as possible.

Our goal is to be unobtrusive, to stay out of your construction crew’s way, and to clean everything up as efficiently as possible so you can resume the next phase of your project.

Construction cleanup includes:

  • Cleaning the lights and fixtures
  • Dusting window sills, moldings, and corners
  • Spot cleaning the walls
  • Carpet cleaning & vacuuming
  • Window and other glass cleaning (interiors)
  • Dusting the air diffusers
  • Wiping down trim, wood, and counter top surfaces
  • Dusting and disinfecting toilets and sinks
  • Cleaning cabinets, desks, and storage

Eco-Friendly Commercial Construction Cleaning

All our cleaning methods are environmentally friendly and promote a positive breathing environment for anything in the facility afterward. Any construction crew that’s had to come back into a work area after harsh-smelling chemicals were used knows how hard that is on everyone. Especially when it’s work that has everyone breathing hard.

We use green cleaning agents and a highly trained staff to create a strong presentation for any type of business you have.

Even if the renovations you just completed were a big job, we’ll make sure everything looks sharp afterward so your launch or re-opening can go off without a hitch.

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