Shipping Facility & Industrial Cleaning Services

Rows of stacked shipping palates

You run a tight operation. Choose a cleaning solution to match.

Why consider Carolina Services of the Triad for your industrial cleaning needs?

CST is…

✓ A local leader in shipping facility maintenance.

✓ Prompt, highly trained cleaning crews.

✓ A family owned and operated company with decades of experience for reliable results.

We’re ready for your call.

Reliable Industrial Cleaning You Can Set Your Schedule To

The importance of maintaining a safe workplace for your employees can’t be overstated, but it’s also very likely why you’re here. What you’re most concerned about is logistics, reliability, and experience.

Will the industrial cleaning company you outsource to take care of your facility like it’s their own?

We’re not a big national chain. Carolina Services of the Triad is a family owned and managed company that’s been around for decades, and we’ve remained a staple of the community through our relationships.

Most of our clientele are companies we’ve worked with for many years – there is no churn and burn with us.

That’s true of our industrial cleaning clients as well as all commercial cleaning work we do.

Types of Cost-Effective Industrial Cleaning We Provide:

  • Industrial facility floor cleaning
  • Industrial Loading dock cleaning
  • Industrial storage facility cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning for break rooms, admin offices, and reception areas
  • Including drapes, carpets, fabric, and hardwood

On demand industrial cleaning services as well as ongoing, regularly scheduled facility maintenance also available.

More Information About Our Industrial and Shipping Facility Cleaning:

Floor buffing services example with a cleaning team member

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