More than other types of work places, industrial facilities have a lot of things going on that can create cleanup. If you’re a facilities or plant manager, you’ve likely seen how challenging it can be to keep operations running at peak efficiency and also clean enough to be safe.

Outsourcing is a viable solution, but only if the cleaning company has real experience with industrial cleaning.

Cleaning an industrial plant is a different beast than cleaning an office space. Sanitizing desk surfaces and vacuuming floors can be done with fairly standard equipment, but when you’re dealing with potentially hazardous chemicals and gases it takes a degree of specialization.

At Carolina Services of the Triad, we take pride in our industrial cleaning experience. From dealing with chemical spills to cleaning air ducts, we have the know-how to keep your facility safe and efficient.

Outsourcing your industrial cleaning brings a few distinct advantages, starting with consistency.

Relying exclusively on your internal staff to keep the facility clean can hit snags any time there’s a busy season or people are out sick or on vacation. That can spiral, with what seemed at first like a couple of days without thorough cleaning causing issues that affect work flow. That only compounds the challenge.

By using an outsourced cleaning solution you’re covered any time of year, and you know that things will be cleaned up consistently so there’s no buildup. That includes everything from slipping hazards on the floor to air quality concerns.

Equipment and Experience for a Superior Industrial Clean

It can be tough to keep up on all the latest codes and regulations the law says industrial facilities have to adhere to. Some hazards require special equipment to properly contain and clean, and it’s not always cost effective to acquire all this equipment yourself. Plus, special equipment means it must be operated by someone trained for it, which can create additional overhead.

An industrial cleaning company has the tools and training you need without any of the management need. Let us be your facilities cleaning partner and work together to make your operation more profitable.

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