Most business owners probably think of commercial carpet cleaning as simply a necessary expense. They want their space to look good for clients and staff, but it’s seen as a maintenance task. It is, but there’s a real ROI in doing it as well.

The first and most direct reason is the longevity of your carpeting. Dirt and other particle buildup actually damage carpet fibers as they set in (and as people continue to walk on them). Some contaminants rub against the fibers and weaken them. Others are acidic and actually wear away at the carpet. Regular vacuuming and carpet shampooing keep the fibers strong.

So commercial carpet cleaning allows us to get more years out of the carpet, right? But let’s face it: that’s a bigger boon than it seems at first. If you’ve ever had to tear old carpet out to re-carpet a space, you know how tedious and disruptive it is to empty all furniture, desks, and decor from the room. When it’s a business space, that means employees can’t be productive and you’ll feel like you’re playing Tetris while you try to find a place elsewhere for all those items.

But in a more lateral sense…

Carpet Cleaning Helps Prevent Absenteeism

Staff suffering from illness and allergy symptoms takes a toll on the overall productivity of the business. The CDC estimates 80% of workplace illnesses are transmitted through personal contact, or by contact with common items everyone interacts with.

Germs, and especially allergens, love to hide out in carpet. Every time someone walks on the carpeting it stirs them up into the air. That same CDC report showed that proper cleaning can cut absenteeism in itself by 50%. That’s huge.

Not to mention the improved focus by eliminating allergens. Eye and nose irritants may not cause someone to call in sick, but trying to get work done with constant sneezing, runny nose, or itchy eyes is really distracting. That consistent break in focus leads to errors or simply inferior work, and the worst part is that it stems from something totally avoidable.

Surface cleaning is important, too, but keeping the floors and carpets clean is significant fort two reasons:

  • Carpet fibers hold onto dust, dirt, and allergens more than smooth surfaces
  • Who knows what anyone else has walked in prior to the carpet, so it’s picked up all sorts of bacteria.

Not to be gross, but it’s also worth noting that studies show that 93% of shoes have fecal matter to varying degrees on them. Knowing that’s being tracked around the office is neither good for the staff nor the carpet itself.

Using a regular commercial carpet cleaning service keeps your staff healthier, your production tighter, and allows you to get more years out of your carpeting. Contact us today to set up a consultation and keep your carpets attracting business, not illness.