Maintenance processes for industrial cleaning can make all the difference in running a tight, efficient operation. For facilities managers in the Greensboro, Winston Salem, Kernsersville, and Charlotte areas there is a simple solution to better business.

Carolina Services of the Triad has been in business for over 20 years keeping the Triad area clean. Our success has been in our commitment to the best procedures and eco-friendly cleaners, creating fume-free workplaces.

All types of industrial facilities have different environmental hazards, but common ones include nitrogen oxide, hydrogen sulfide, and even sulfur oxide. Many of these originate from cleaners, combustion machines, and other equipment. Most are eye irritants, and some affect respiratory systems.

Keeping equipment and work areas clean is obviously important. As is cleaning the vents that exchange toxic air for clean air.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) website states that inadequate ventilation is the leading reason for poor air quality in working environments across the board (52%). Contamination from within the building, which also includes the aforementioned buildup, accounts for another 16%.

Buildup can occur in the air vents when things haven’t been properly maintained, which both puts contaminants into the air but also restricts air flow through the vents.