Floor waxing for a commercial business is a beneficial process that improves the longevity of floors and safety for staff. Here at CST we’re committed to the right training and equipment — things that form the core of an efficient process for these types of jobs.

We can talk about the process behind floor waxing, but let’s face it. At the end of the day what matters most to the average business owner is how it impacts their business and keeps things looking sharp for customers. Pictures tell that story well.

Classroom commercial floor waxing

See the contrast between the grey and blue tiles? It’s striking, and those tiles against the ivory color create a very clean appearance. As grime and dirt build up on tiles like this that contrast fades, and dull tiles tell a story of their own.

As you can see this is a shot of a classroom, which is actually a great example of the benefits of floor waxing. Fill this room up with desks, chairs, and students and you have a busy environment where a lot of scuffs can happen.

Every time a student slides a heavy desk or scoots their chair in and out the wax protects the floor from those black streaks (and even gouges in rougher cases).

Dirty Tile Floor

Let’s look at it from the other side. This floor obviously hasn’t been cleaned in awhile, showing both grime and scuffs from things being moved.

In some cases with furniture in place you may not notice all of this, but if you did notice it what would you think? Rusty, dirty marks all over the tile give the room a run-down look.

Cleaning and waxing the floors obviously create a sharp, shiny impression. But why does doing this also create a smooth appearance as well? Isn’t tile smooth itself?

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) Is Porous

Despite its smooth appearance, vinyl composition tile is porous. This means that tiny dirt particles easily become trapped in those nooks.

This creates a couple challenges.

The first is more straightforward. Dust and dirt building up in these pores attracts more dust and dirt. When you see buildup like the photo above, many times this is how it started. When the floors are thoroughly cleaned, the subsequent waxing files in these pores. It not only makes the tile feel smoother to run your fingers across, but blocks that dirt from settling as easily.

Secondly, dirt particles building up within the pores and on the surface lead to scratches and scruffs when shoes or other things drag across them. Over time these scratches can increase the size of the pores, making it easier for dirt to accumulate.

Keeping the surface cleaned and waxed helps prevent all of that.

Keeping Floor Waxing Under Control

It’s important to bear in mind, however, that floors need to be stripped and cleaned before another coat of wax is applied. Since regular wear and tear (plus mopping) slowly wears away the wax coating, some folks simply re-apply wax to replenish it.

The trouble with this approach is that the new coat locks any accumulated dirt in, sandwiching it between the two layers.

This prevents mopping from really cleaning the floors well afterward, and can make stripping the floors take longer. Not to mention that bumps in the surface that are now reinforced with wax are even easier to scratch.

Create the Presentation You’re After Without the Stress or Mess

As you can see there’s a lot of nuance to floor waxing, even when it seems like a pretty straightforward thing. The simplest way for a business to focus this is to offload floor cleaning and waxing responsibilities to experienced professionals.

Our attention to detail starts with hiring and training, and carries through to our cleaning supplies. You won’t have to deal with any messy solvents or harsh chemical odors, and you can rest assured that your floors are well-maintained for years to come.

Give us a call today to learn more about our floor waxing services for a sharp looking business from the floor up!