The hospitality industry has seen an increasing amount of outsourced cleaning services since the mid 2000’s. Outsourcing your hospitality cleaning services to a reputable commercial cleaning company is beneficial for three key reasons – operational staffing flexibility, repurposing of cleaning staff, and lower overhead costs. 

These three key reasons to outsource your hospitality cleaning are significantly more vital in the face of economic and society adversity such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Commercial hospitality cleaning companies can safeguard your bottom line and increase your cleaning effectiveness when your booking capacity is down.

Let’s dive a little deeper into these key reasons to outsource some or all of your hospitality cleaning services.

Operational Staffing Flexibility

Most hotel managers run a tight ship, but tight ships can take on operational damage when your cleaning staff call out due to illness or personal reasons. A sudden decrease in your cleaning staff can put added stress on your present staff, and yourself. 

When you outsource your hospitality cleaning services, be it for specific purposes like laundry or kitchen cleaning, you free up the reduced time of your cleaning staff.

This makes staff call outs more manageable, or even a non-issue as your contractors will step up and cover the tasks and areas that your own staff cannot.

Repurpose Your Cleaning Staff

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly – and permanently – changed the rules of hospitality cleaning.

Hotel housekeeping once focused almost exclusively on room presentation and preparation like making and downing the bed, cleaning and restocking the bathroom, and touch up tasks like vacuuming and dusting. Those days are no longer.

The increased cleaning regulations due to COVID-19 fell squarely onto the shoulders of your cleaning staff.

Suddenly, every conceivable inch of your facility needs to be regularly cleaned. Your rooms need to be fully sanitized and decontaminated from every counter and shelf down to the minute details like light switches and remotes.

This sanitizing and decontamination regulations have also spread to every surface:

  • Your hotel lobby
  • Elevators and all their buttons
  • Every door handle in every room and area of your hotel
  • All vending machines and all their buttons
  • Ice machine and buckets
  • Reusable room keys
  • ATMs in you lobby
  • Escalators and stair handrails
  • Gym and all its equipment
  • Pool seating and locker rooms including their shower areas
  • Your restaurant dining areas, and finally, your kitchen.

This exhausting list is by no means exhaustive.

In fact, it only begins to scratch the surface of the significantly increased workload for you cleaning staff. 

It is nearly impossible to effectively meet these new and likely permanent cleaning regulations with your current staff alone. Trying to do so will almost certainly ensure that some areas are overlooked or not given the proper attention.

That’s assuming that each member of your cleaning staff is present each and every day, throughout each shift. 

When you offload certain cleaning areas and tasks to a reputable partner like Carolina Services of the Triad you are choosing to make sure that each and every area of your facility is properly cleaned and sanitized by allowing your staff to focus on the most important areas.

Your outsourced cleaning partner will pick up the rest, whether that’s laundering all necessary items to the increased standards, sanitizing your kitchen for your chef, or cleaning your dining room for your restaurant manager. 

Lower Hospitality Cleaning Overhead 

If you were to hire all of the new staff members you would need to effectively and properly clean your hospitality facility to the increased sanitation and disinfection regulations, you would quickly max out your staffing budget.

That’s before you factor in any added insurance benefits or paid time off. Employees also come with added risk to your workers compensation plan, and sudden layoffs can increase your unemployment burden.

The result? Maxed out overhead costs that may not even equate to a fully cleaned and sanitized facility.

Outsourcing all or part of your hotel cleaning tasks to your hospitality cleaning service partner reduces your staffing overhead.

It ensures that every inch of your facility is properly cleaned, sanitized, and decapitated to the increased hospitality cleaning standards of the state of North Carolina. No extra costs of benefits like employee insurance or paid time off.

No increased risk to your workers compensation and unemployment insurance. Just a fully clean, sanitized, and decontaminated facility.

Looking for a Hospitality Cleaning Partner?

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Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you achieve operational staffing flexibility and lower your overhead costs.