Since 2006 we’ve seen a major shift in how many businesses in the hospitality industry handled their cleaning. It was a task that had been largely in-house before that, with hotels in particular employing their own cleaning staff.

But in more recent years hospitality businesses that chose to outsource observed a few distinct advantages:

  • With commercial cleaning teams handling tougher to clean spots, it allowed the hotel staff to focus their efforts on the most impressionable areas like the rooms themselves. This way they could ensure everything was tip top without feeling rushed by having to clean kitchens and laundry areas.
  • Operational flexibility. When staff is absent due to illness or vacation, it’s easier to pivot and ensure critical areas are covered with an outsourced team backing everything.
  • Specializing. By offloading aspects of the hospitality cleaning (or the cleaning entirely) the business can specialize in other aspects of managing the business and be more thorough while doing so.

Keeping up on these things is more important than ever. With evolving laws and regulations for hygiene for all types of businesses, paired with the prevalence of internet reviews, hospitality businesses simply can’t afford to get lax with cleaning.

All it takes is one bad experience, one customer to notice a poorly cleaned bathroom or get a fork or glass that wasn’t properly cleaned in the hotel restaurant to change the perception of the business.

All it takes is a couple reviews mentioning as much to discourage new visitors from ever coming.

If you’ve been thinking about outsourcing your cleaning efforts, give us a call to discuss what that would look like.

We can offload the entirety of your efforts or work alongside your existing cleaning staff for a well-covered and efficient operation. Your business will be safer, cleaner, and better looking for each new customer, and temporary hiccups won’t leave you short-staffed.