Despite the last couple turbulent years, there are some regions of the United States that have seen some significant growth, both in terms of demand for new homes and the business community surrounding those homes.

Here are a few of the fastest growing cities in the country, according to Business Insider.

Concord, NC Is Booming With A 33% Population Growth In 10 Years

Part of this growth comes as major business regions are repurposed. What was at one time a Phillip Morris plant, called The Grounds, has now been claimed by Red Bull, Ball Corporation, and Rauch North America to become a beverage plant.

Between those 3 companies, $1 billion has been invested into the local economy. This also means 600+ jobs — jobs that all pay over $57k according to The county’s average wage is $41,000, for context.

The 800,000 square foot facility will be state of the art, and should be an exciting place for locals to work.

The city of Concord is paying this forward, investing $1.41 million into public parks, greenways, and other beautiful outdoor amenities. Concord is also investing into affordable housing projects throughout the city to ensure inhabitants have an ease of entry to stay or move into the area.

St. George, Utah Is A Hot Spot

You know an area is in demand when estimates put 86% of the population as folks who have migrated from elsewhere in the last few years.

Tourism, vacation homes, and a draw for luxury homes are a big part of that. In fact, parts of St. George and nearby cities in Utah are among the fastest growing for business in the U.S., with a healthy economy fueled by innovation and a prevalence of startups.

Some of St. George’s most popular attractions include:

  • The St. George Utah Temple – A visitor center open to the public, and a large temple available for those of the Mormon faith that many consider a must-see.
  • Sand Hollow State Park – 20,000 acres of sand and beautiful countryside for hikes, photos, and camping. There’s even an area where the sand flows right into the water, creating a pretty hue.
  • Pioneer Park – Sheltered areas available for picnics and BBQs, and numerous slot canyons to photograph and explore.

Lehi, Utah Has Had Consistent Growth

Lehi has been a consistent contender for fastest growing cities. In fact, in 2015-2016 the U.S. Census Bureau said it was the fastest growing in the entire country!

There are many reasons for that growth (check the link above), but experts in the area have pointed at the I-15 as an explanation. Notably, they cite transportation between Salt Lake City and all parts of Utah County, which includes Lehi.

The city of Lehi has even began an undertaking of adding 5,400 apartments to keep up with the growth, including a hotel, a new school, and a new church.

What’s The Significance of all This?

One of the major adjustments we’ve all seen in the last couple years was the expansion of the home office.

For some, this was a temporary shift until everyone could return to a centralized work office. But for many others the shift became permanent for one reason or another.

This has demanded more of everyone at home. Keeping a dedicated work area is hard enough to maintain balance, but many people have reported suddenly seeing the value in regular professional cleaning to keep those areas straight even if they hadn’t felt that need before when the home was purely recreational.