A track record of satisfied customers for over 22 years doesn’t happen simply. To stay relevant for that long, to provide a consistent experience for that long, it takes a commitment to high standards in hiring, training, and management.

These standards begin in the hiring process. Each candidate we add to our team participates in a two-part interview, and meets all the members of our senior management team. We check character references and conduct a state criminal background check. After all this criteria is met, we can make a hiring decision and begin training.

We feel this level of examination is important. After all, our employees will be entering people’s homes and businesses, and we want our customers to feel comfortable with that. People knowing staff has been properly vetted and carefully trained goes a long way toward creating peace of mind.

But the preparation is only one part of keeping a cleaning business firing on all cylinders.

Our service audits ensure consistent results.

A member of our management team is devoted to preventing and resolving any issues that arise in cleaning projects. The prevention aspect of that comes largely from regular service audits, where management visits job sites to ensure cleaners are using all the required processes.

It’s almost always the case that it is, in which this double checking creates additional peace of mind for management and customers alike. But in cases where adjustments are needed, this allows the team to make them quickly. Ultimately this creates much more consistent results for our customers since each cleaning crew is in sync with the others.

We don’t ever want it to be the case where some of the crews are solid and others aren’t, and it’s the luck of the draw for customers on which team they get.

A goal that we’ve upheld to the best of our collective ability is a seamless cleaning experience — one where calling upon Carolina Services of the Triad means the job is done right and everyone is satisfied.