Modern business is quite a bit different in the last year, regardless of industry. From productivity to diminishing operating costs and avoiding fines, our list of commercial cleaning solutions is meant as a quick access point to several other pieces of content we’ve made to prevent cleaning snags.

Reducing Costs and Improving Work Flow in Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities by their nature often deal with chemicals, large mechanical parts, and stairs adjoining different work levels. Proper training tends to make accidents rare, but despite everyone’s best efforts the environment can inevitably lead to falls, dropped equipment, or even airborne hazards.

Having a go-to resource for all types of specialized cleaning, from air vents to chemical spills on steel and concrete, keeps things running without long stalls that put projects way behind.

You Can Take That Productivity Boost Into Office Spaces, Too!

Prevent absenteeism, strain on the remaining staff, additional HR investment, or simply a loss of morale from excessive illness or the oppressive feeling of coming to a place where one is “rolling the dice.”

Our post about 2 office cleaning tips for productivity deals with simple habits you can implement to improve the work flow. From there, you may be interested in a deep examination piece of how germs on common office surfaces hang us up more than we might think, and not in terms of generalized or theoretical numbers.

You can make real projections given the research we’ve provided, and can create some tangible ROI from keeping everything disinfected beyond the valid but difficult to quantify desire in itself for a healthy workplace.

Office Prep for Renovations

Whether it’s making large-scale upgrades, bringing older buildings up to modern code, or strategizing an expansion, there is always the concern about cleaning and prepping the space.

How will you make time to clear old dust, debris, or clutter out of the way for the work space? How can you keep everything clean during the renovation itself in terms of saw dust and other airborne contaminants, and even scuffs, dirt, and debris?

This is exactly where our renovation prep cleaning can streamline your project.

Large Shipping Facilities and Keeping Pace With The Speed of An Ecommerce World

These kind of facilities have some unique challenges, namely in terms of sheer size as well as the fact that they often have to work pretty much 24/7 (in some capacity).

As a result, having to shut down for repairs, extensive cleaning, or renovations can be crippling. When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, then, it has to be prompt, reliable, and efficient.

Safer Food Prep and Restaurant Experiences

For most restaurants right now that have transitioned to takeout and delivery, keeping the food prep areas clean is the last major line of defense for keeping everything running.

Useful of course for cafeterias, but increasingly for commercial kitchens of all kinds.