Commercial cleaning is a pretty well understood service as far as outsourced cleaning teams go. But when you start talking about large-scale facilities, such as national shipping companies, the level of know-how and efficiency needed to keep pace moves to a whole new level.

Operations like those move around the clock, so cleaning crews can’t necessarily rely on fitting their duties in after regular staff goes home. And with the brisk pace that warehouse workers need to stay on top of boxes coming and going, driving fork lifts and loading trucks, the cleaning crew also needs to simply avoid being in the way.

Seth Godin once pointed out that despite the mind set a lot of people have when comparing small businesses to national ones, “Big businesses are not simply larger versions of small companies.”

In a similar vein of thinking, cleaning teams for large-scale facilities can’t simply be larger versions of housekeeping teams.

A consistent reputation is everything for a shipping company.

A national shipping company really is only offering two things to its customers: reliability and speed.

People want to know that they can always trust that carrier with their shipping needs in a pinch, and that anything they send will end up where it needs to be quickly and by the guaranteed time. That might seem like a small ask from the customer, but there’s a heck of a lot that goes into making that happen on the carrier’s end.

Key staff being injured from accidents, shipments being misplaced or damaged, or even absenteeism from illness can create snags that damage that credibility.

Unfortunately when that happens to a national shipping carrier it tends to make the news and a lot of people hear about it. Those people might reconsider their carrier next time they need to send packages if the delays are serious enough — or frequent enough.

Those two things we mentioned above that a shipping carrier is ultimately offering? All a competitor has to do is remain consistent in those things to overshadow a given carrier who is not.

Handling these responsibilities well will include:

  • Floor sweeping, washing, buffing
  • Trash removal
  • Surface cleaning and disinfecting in break rooms, bathrooms, and common areas
  • Disinfecting tools such as fork lifts and other machinery between usage
  • Pressure washing loading areas and large tools as needed between usage

We have experience working with national shipping companies and large-scale industrial facilities. Our cleaners are knowledgeable about the types of machines and processes common to these facilities, and are consistently trained on the latest cleaning standards and state regulations for safety.