For most restaurants and even schools, the food prep area is one of the highest stakes part of the business. This is where health inspectors place the most regulations, and where a business opens itself up to potential fines or costly shut-downs. Cafeteria cleaning, then, is one of those significant yet often invisible services.

This is especially true for cafeteria and buffet settings (as opposed to other restaurants) because of the continuity of the food prep.

Both cafes and buffets typically see large numbers of customers at once, and typically have a fixed menu that must be constantly replenished. The speed at which staff must move to make that happen can make it tough to double back and clean certain areas — especially areas that are out of sight and don’t seem directly related to operation.

Range tops, kitchen hoods, and food storage cleaning

Our commercial cleaning experience has often included educational facilities, day cares, and other business setups with food preparation for those within on a daily basis.

Our cleaning crews are familiar with these amenities and know what to look for, what commonly gets overlooked, and what things will play most into your sanitation score and the overall health of your staff and those it serves.

Whether your team relies most on commercial microwaves, heating plates, or large stoves with commercial kitchen hoods, we’ve seen it and cleaned it.

Food storage containers, cupboards, and closets are just as important. They are often neglected in the daily bustle, moved and thrown around, and left in the evenings until they are used again the next day.

Right now in particular restaurants are the driving force in the business world while so many other industries are shut down or have to adopt entirely new ways to continue.

Your cafeteria may have had to do the same recently, but even in cases where customers primarily receive their food via pickup or takeout it’s important to keep the cooking spaces clean.

In fact, if you haven’t had your cafeteria professionally cleaned before on a regular schedule this is a good opportunity to consider that since the store isn’t full of dining-in customers as a usual situation.