Commercial kitchens are one of the busiest environments, and because they involve preparing food for others they’re often subject to stricter inspections and requirements.

If you’re looking for a cleaning crew to regularly clean your restaurant, office, and commercial kitchen space, you’re in the right place.

Cleaning Kitchen Hoods for Safety

Your commercial kitchen hood collects steam, smoke, and super-heated air to clear it from the space. The inevitable consequence of that is that grease, grime, and other buildup form in the fins and inner surfaces over time.

This can count against health inspections because it’s a breeding ground for bacteria.

Our cleaning crews are fully equipped to de-grease and sanitize kitchen hoods so they’ll look fresh and restore the high end look of your kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Hoods We Can Clean:

  • Wall canopy hoods
  • Backshelf hoods
  • Island hoods
  • Supply plenums
  • Ceiling diffusers
  • Food truck exhaust hood systems
  • Pizza hoods

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If your kitchen hood features a fan system, we’ll make sure it is cleaned out as well so that fan blades stay efficient. When buildup forms around the blades it can impede motion and cause the motor to work harder, which generates extra heat (potential fire hazard) and can reduce the motor’s lifespan.

Regular hood cleaning can cut down on maintenance needs as well for the same reasons. There will be less friction and resistance on the moving parts, which can mean fewer repairman visits.

Canopy Hoods for High Cooking Temps

Canopy hoods in particular are made to be positioned above griddles and fryers — cooking surfaces where you’d find grease. These are often rated for 600°F max cooking temperatures which is crucial for breakfast diners to steakhouses.

Other types of canopy hoods are meant to exhaust appliances that produce moisture and steam, such as dishwashers. These are very important to keep clean because heat and moisture are key ingredients for mold if not kept clean.

Cooking canopy hoods that aren’t properly cleaned can become a real fire hazard that can spread quickly to the building’s structure.

Kitchen hood ventilation systems also improve air quality, sucking away fumes, grease that spatters into the air, etc. This is an obvious plus for your kitchen staff, but can also positively affect the customer experience. The kitchen may seemed well-separated from the dining space, but every time wait staff comes and goes there’s an exchange of air.

If the kitchen air is dense or smoky because of poor ventilation it can make its way into the dining area.

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