Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning in an office, desk and surface disinfecting

Carolina Services of the Triad provides office cleaning services to a variety of small and large companies throughout Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and Kernersville.

We’ve enjoyed many long standing office cleaning relationships with industrial facilities, retail businesses, healthcare facilities, and private education institutions. It’s the little things that make a difference.

Ever been in a room that looked fairly tidy but you just didn’t feel like the place was clean? You don’t need to worry about your customers feeling that way in your space. This peace of mind, along with the increased productivity for your staff, is one of the immediate benefits of office cleaning services.

We Use Only the Most Qualified Office Cleaning Personnel

We have a thorough process for finding the most capable and suitable office cleaning employees:

  • Both a phone interview and an interview in person
  • Reference checks to determine character and work ethics
  • Mandatory drug and alcohol tests
  • State background and criminal records investigations

Once the right person has been hired, we employ a series of orientation and training classes to ensure that safety regulations and CST policies and procedures are understood and accepted. 

Safety and security practices – We place the safety of our employees and the trust of our office cleaning clients above anything else and enforce strict policies to protect everyone associated with CST.

Work expectations – The level of office cleaning quality anticipated by CST and the devotion to customer satisfaction expected by CST underscore everything we do.

Schedule compliance – Our employees understand fully that customers depend on us to take good care of them and we have to show up when expected; our reputation depends on it.

Harassment policy – We have a “no tolerance” policy that protects employees and office cleaning customers from any kind of pestering or persecution whatsoever – no exceptions.

Safe operation of equipment and handling of hazardous materials – Professional training on all supplies and equipment used on our office cleaning jobs is mandatory for the well-being of CST employees and customers.

Incident reporting – CST expects our employees to be honest about any occurrences that happen on their watch and to report incidents quickly and fully.

CST understands that some events are totally unpredictable, so we offer one-time services that make your life easier.

Janitorial Work for Medical and Assisted Living Facilities

Where keeping things sanitary, neat, and disinfected is paramount, a cleaning crew constantly trained in the latest standards for hospitals etc. is the name of the game. Read more about this type of cleaning for your facility.

Retail Store Cleaning

Ensure a reliable presentation for shoppers, and a safe working environment for your retail staff with our experience teams that can handle large singular locations or chains of regional stores. Read more about retail store cleaning here.

Window Washing Services

Let more light into the office, stay sanitized, and keep your commercial space looking pristine. If you have a retain space with a front-facing window, this is crucial. Nothing makes a random passerby reconsider more than a dirty and neglected-looking window on a store. Our window washing services are a key piece of any office cleaning regimen.

Pressure Washing Services

Eliminate grime and buildup on the sides of your building, the sidewalks and concrete, and even your parking lots. If you’ve never pressure washed your hard spaces before you’ll be surprised what a difference it can make. If you’re using signage to grab attention in a retail plaza, you definitely want to keep it looking crisp.

Parking Garage Cleaning

If your business involves a parking garage it’s one of the first things visitors will see. Regular sweeping, blowing, and pressure washing reduces the likelihood of slips, falls, or even the corrosion of hard surfaces from the environment.

Floor Cleaning Services

Our floor cleaning services help you keep your carpets vacuumed and tile floors waxed. This prevents and removes stains, discolorations, or slip hazards. As a part of a larger cleaning and maintenance service, it’s a natural fit.

Post-Construction Cleanup

Construction and major renovation projects often leave a building dirty, dusty, full of loose paint, etc. Our post construction cleanup services are aimed to transitioning the space to showroom quality, ready for the public to enjoy.

Cleaning Services for Educational Facilities

Ongoing cleaning solutions for colleges, private schools, preschools, and more! Keep both the staff and the students healthier even during cold seasons with regular cleaning and disinfecting. (See our Clorox 360 information.)

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