Sometimes you’re expanding, knocking out walls, joining what were once separate office areas, or something similar. Other times maybe you’re moving your business to a new location that’s going to need some renovation before you can hang your sign there.

What all of these situations have in common is that you’re about to make a mess.

It has to happen, but it’s also something you’ll need to account for before that “open” sign goes back in the window.

Post-construction cleanup is something we have a lot of experience with in the Triad area.

We’ve handled everything from smaller office environments to large scale downtown hotel buildings being revamped room by room.

The latter are situations where best practices really come into play, since there are so many moving parts it’s easy to make costly mistakes if there aren’t some solid systems in place. For these kinds of jobs, cleaning doesn’t just mean floors and carpets.

  • We’ll spot check walls, especially around windows, for construction tape and adhesive residue used by contractors during the renovation to make sure they can be removed without damaging surfaces. We have special solutions to do this safely.
  • We’ll disinfect surfaces like counter tops, toilets, sinks, etc. and remove dust and other unsightly residue.
  • Windows, too! If there’s residue or dust on glass, we’ll make them sparkle.

Adhesive residue is common in construction projects, particularly around windows. If you’re not careful when removing it, though, you can pull the fresh paint right off the surface and leave blemishes that add expenses when the painter has to come back and touch it up. Our special tools and nontoxic chemicals can remove these things pretty easily in most cases, preserving surfaces and saving a step.

The last thing you want is to have a certain launch date in mind and then have to push it back due to something small and unforeseen.

In this way, you’ll have everything in place for reopening and making a great impression.

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