In this mashup post we want to revisit some of our previous content for readers looking to learn more about janitorial services and how they play into a successful business operation.

Private school cleaning solutions – Big cleanups and overhauls during summer and holiday breaks come with firm timelines. Cleaning during the rest of the year? That requires a whole other level of collaboration to coexist with classes in session seamlessly.

Planning your school year around reliability – Continuing on that point, it’s not usually an ideal situation for a school to hire one-off cleaning crews to supplement their existing janitorial staff. It can be a clunky process with

Industrial cleaning and the advantage of experience – Industrial facility cleaning is a job of its own category since it often involves hazardous materials and work areas that other types of cleaning simply does not. How to safely navigate that space, adhere to modern regulations, and perform the work quickly in a space where maximum productivity is the facility’s bread and butter? That comes with experience.

Beyond the obvious advantages of a cleaner school bathroom – A prevalent study involving 900,000 public school bathrooms showed that roughly one third of them were dirty to the point of being unsafe. One third! In some cases soap dispensers remained empty for weeks on end, making the bathroom gross to the degree that students didn’t want to be there. And a dirty restroom creates a downward spiral; the worse it is the less likely any of its users will feel inclined to do their part to keep it clean.