Nothing beats the convenience of public restrooms, but some people avoid them whenever they can. When you start digging into the statistics on public restrooms of all kinds, from retail locations to public schools, it’s understandable. But as common as the association folks have with school bathrooms and dirtiness is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Tom Keating, creator of Project CLEAN, estimates that of the 900,000 public schools in the US nearly one third are dirty to the point of being potentially unsafe. That’s roughly 297,000 schools.

How, you might be wondering, are these unsafe bathrooms being defined as such?

Keating describes scenes of soap dispensers empty for weeks on end, or vandalized, with cleaning wipes all over the floors.

Many people believe private schools are better off, but even the most inane neglect in bathrooms can cause noteworthy health concerns. It’s important to remember how many common areas and objects we all encounter in work and school. Areas that we all touch, so all it takes is one instance of contamination to affect a large number of people. For kids and teachers alike, being sick is a big detriment to education. It can’t be avoided entirely, but schools that exercise as many preventative measures as possible definitely benefit for it.

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