Janitorial services can mean a lot of things. Often it involves sanitation and stripping/waxing the building’s floors. But it can also involve window washing, dusting, and trash removal.

Outsourcing services like these can take a tremendous load off your staff and ensure a clean, safe working environment. Tile floors, which are often white or an off-white, are hot zones for build up of grime and and dirt. Even when the floors are regularly mopped, dirt tends to accumulate in the edges and corners.

Many building managers don’t worry about this since the bulk of the floors look clean. But those corners can catch the eye of visitors more than you might think.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Regular floor cleaning improves the look and safety of your floors, but a good wax job afterward helps keep them clean longer. Regular waxing protect the surface from scratches, scuffs, and general wear. In high traffic areas where a lot of people walk like major hallways a properly waxed floor keeps them in better shape and makes each cleaning session faster and more efficient. Not to mention of course that freshly waxed floors look great.

Commercial cleaning services

Before each floor waxing it’s a good idea to do a proper floor stripping as well. This will remove all the old wax, along with germs and build up. Once the floor is totally bare, it can accept a new coat of wax without sealing in any dirt and will have a better bond with the floor surface. Simply throwing another coat of wax over an existing layer can gunk things up, and the new coat won’t last as long.

Our floor stripping process uses eco-friendly materials, that thoroughly remove dirt and wax without damaging the floor. Additionally, the process will not introduce harmful fumes into the air nor chemicals on the surface.

Dusting and Window Cleaning

Common dust contains a lot of allergens, and many folks have felt quite a difference in air quality simply by using better filters and regularly dusting their facilities. Those sensitive to airborne allergens generally report less congestion, sore throats, and itchy noses and eyes.

Severe allergy conditions contribute to teachers, students, and staff being home at not on site. It’s not a consideration often given, but air and surface cleanliness definitely play a role in productivity by keeping everyone healthy.

Windows are one of those subtle things that contribute to a brighter, well-maintained look. Windows with a lot of film and buildup on them don’t let in as much light, and natural light helps people stay alert and feel relaxed. Sure, it’s not a hugely measurable difference, but it’s one of many small measures that make for a comfortable feeling room. And if you’re a college campus that routinely has visitors coming to check everything out and possibly become students, impressions matter.

Imagine they visit two very similar schools in terms of price and curriculum, but one has immaculate floors and crystalline windows while the other looks like no one has cleaned in some time. A well-maintained look says a lot about the facility in general, so it’s important to send the right message.

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