While a good portion of our business is comprised ongoing, monthly contracts, we know that cleaning needs are just as likely to be a one-off situation. Most of the time in the latter case, time is of the essence.

These scenarios might be something like:

  • Family coming to visit
  • Moving out of a home
  • Sudden needs from spills, accidents, etc.
  • Prep for interior painting or cleanup after
  • Cleaning after moving into a new place

In any of these relatable situations you may not need ongoing cleaning, but you do need a reliable solution to meet your time table. This is exactly why we created our Special Services Division. This is a part of our company devoted to quick turn projects of all kinds, from floors to dry cleaning.

Beautify your home in one easy step! Here are a few highlights of what you can accomplish with this service:

  • Floor buffing, waxing, and staining
  • Spin bonneting and extraction for carpets
  • Steam extraction, anti-static treatment, and anti-soil treatment
  • Furniture and partition upholstery cleaning
  • Pressure washing for fleets, office buildings, apartments, sidewalks, and parking lots
  • Window cleaning

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