Cleaning is important, but sometimes when you’re under a deadline you don’t have time to negotiate a long term cleaning contract. For upcoming events, presentations, and other situations where you need a pristine-looking facility without a fuss, one-time floor cleaning services are the answer.

Our experienced cleaning teams will come in, buff and wax hard floor surfaces or vacuum carpeted ones. You’ll be left with a noticeably more attractive space, and can use us as needed to repeat the process.

We begin with a thorough cleaning to remove residue and buildup, selecting from a variety of our eco-friendly cleaners depending on the type of floor and level of buildup. Stripping away any previous layers of floor wax is also important, since old wax can inadvertently trap dirt particles that then become trapped by the next wax coat.

One-Time Cleaning Protects Floors

When the floor is bare and perfectly clean through scrubbing and buffing, a new coat of wax is applied to leave a great-looking sheen and protect the surface from scuffs and grime.

If your floor hasn’t been professionally cleaned in awhile, this is an important step in keeping your tile healthy for as long as possible.

Dirt and buildup are more than just contaminants that affect the appearance of floors. Acidic types of buildup can eat away at the floor’s surface and reduce its lifespan. Dirt particles, when people walk on them or slide objects across them, can cut into the surface and leave permanent scratches. These, in turn, collect more dirt particles and just make the problem worse.

Floor waxing not only prevents this kind of buildup in the first place, but if there are minor scratches the wax can fill those in and help leave a smoother surface.

Your Experienced, Eco-Friendly Solution

Call upon our highly-trained team for your next event to for the visual presentation you need. Good cleaning is invisible; when things look good everyone can focus on what you’re showcasing.

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