COVID-19 has prompted parents to decide when and where their children will go to school based on cleanliness and availability of in-person classes, rather than curriculum or pedagogy.

With public schools perpetually swinging between virtual and in-person options, private schools have offered parents an alternative: in-person classes, guaranteed.

In an article about this phenomenon, CNBC shares:

“As the pandemic drags on through the fall, more families are seeking out schools that are fully in-person rather than remote — and, for many, that means switching to an independent institution, despite the cost.”

Jessica Dickler for CNBC

However, if private schools with in-person classes are not upholding appropriate disinfecting protocols, they could be placing the health of students and educators at risk.

So would you rather your private school educators be focused on actual education or on constant cleaning?

Advantages of Outsourcing Cleaning and Disinfecting

  1. Keep your staff! Outsourcing cleaning and disinfecting does not mean getting rid of your janitorial staff. Instead, cleaners can be brought in to do additional deep cleans on the weekends or holiday breaks.
  2. Reduce costs. For schools that are finding rising tuition costs still aren’t covering operational expenses, outsourcing cleaning can provide a financial reprieve.
  3. Prove to parents that you take their child’s health seriously. Sometimes being more transparent and visible in your cleaning protocols is just as important as doing them. Private school administrators that bring in additional cleaners to care for the school are also building trust with parents — especially new parents who enrolled their children to avoid virtual learning.
  4. Get access to professional grade cleaning equipment. Our professional cleaning teams use the Clorox Total 360 Solutions. This powerful system disinfects every nook and cranny of a classroom in seconds! Plus, it is EPA approved. 
  5. Feel understood and supported. At CST, we’ve worked with private schools and other educational institutions for years and understand their unique needs — especially during a pandemic.

Importance of Clean Air

One important factor for keeping schools clean is often overlooked: air quality.

Extensive research has proven the negative effects of air pollution on child health and student learning.

Health facilities, like doctors offices and pediatric dentists, have begun to leverage new technologies, like advanced air purification systems, to keep the circulated air in their facility disease-free.

Cleaning teams like CST can assess a private schools air systems and recommend upgrades that could keep students and educators healthier for years to come.

Our team at CST can help relieve the burden of constant cleaning and disinfecting from your private school.

Let’s let the teachers to get back to teaching.

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