As much as we’ve discussed ways you can measure a real return on investment with cleaning services in the past, trying to go deeper than the trite message that cleaning creates nice first impressions… it’s a funny thing.

Of the many things this last year has made clear, an independent study commissioned by ABM UK (a facilities services provider) suggests that, “the mere sight of disinfection happening in public spaces [goes] a long way to creating the confidence people need to feel safe and return.” (Source)

But what does more confidence mean?

The project’s managing director comments that 45% of survey participants said that being able to see a public space being cleaned during their visit would make them more likely to want to return. That’s true whether it’s a store, an office space, or an airport.

And so, back to that customer impression point, a once fairly obvious point has become a sign of something more significant. There’s been such a rattling of public faith in where they can go publicly that is safe this year that being able to see the cleaning happening in real time is a much needed show of reassurance.

Businesses that either don’t clean regularly or opt only for doing it after hours may suffer as a result.