Shopping for professional move out cleaning services is a smart move to make a hectic experience a bit smoother.

As we covered in a previous post, move out cleaning can help maximize security deposit returns and make it easier to show a home you’re selling.

But how long does this process take?

Factors That Affect Move Out Cleaning Time

Size of the property. For larger homes we can allocate more cleaners to keep cleaning times reasonable. When we create quotes these are the things we take into account for pricing, whether it’d be more economical to have one cleaner or to devote 2 or more in a team to tackle the area quickly. Part of that is logistics on our end, but equally it can depend on your own needs.

If you aren’t concerned about time because you won’t be there during the cleaning, let us know. Otherwise, if you’re moving quickly and need a fast turnaround in between things actively happening within your home, it may be a higher quote but is certainly something we can accommodate.

Standard vs. deep cleaning. Sometimes our customers are just looking for a basic “vacuum and wipe things down” kind of clean, where the goal is to make the home look tidy and remove any obvious dirt, dust, cobwebs, and residue. Other times folks ask for a full deep clean, which is a slower and more meticulous clean where we also thoroughly disinfect surfaces.

The choice between these types of move out cleaning will also affect turnaround time.

Cleaning Time Estimates By Room and Size:

Now that we’ve gone over some of the variables that affect cleaning times above, here are some general estimates to bear in mind:

  • Studio apartments: 90 mins
  • One bedroom homes: 2 and a half hours
  • Two bedroom homes: 4 hours
  • Three bedroom homes: 5 hours
  • Four bedroom homes: 6 hours
  • Five or more bedroom homes: 7-8 hours

What Our Deep Cleans Include:

  • Light fixtures,
  • Dusting from floors to ceilings
  • Windows & windowsills
  • Inside/outside of appliances
  • Inside and outside of cabinetry
  • Back/front of glass doors
  • Vacuuming carpets and mopping all floors if tile or hardwood