Maintaining the cleanliness of an Airbnb rental property while you live out of state is difficult. Airbnb rentals, in general, can have dozens of different guests trouncing through the property in a month’s time.

Managing the cleanings at such as high frequency from afar is close to impossible. When you own property out of state, it’s important to work with professional cleaning companies to help keep things tidy. Even if it costs you money to pay upfront, it’s worth having the help when you live so far away from your rental property.

Here are several effective ways to keep your Airbnb clean while living out of state.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

There’s no arguing about the effectiveness of cleaning your Airbnb regularly. Landlords and real estate investors who live close to their short-term rental properties usually leverage cleaning companies to help them maintain their properties. Over time, if properties are neglected, they can become damaged and less appealing to short-term renters. Eventually, as a worst-case scenario, the city can slap violations on your property based on the assessed damages.

Trying to get rid of code violations tied to a house is not easy. Be proactive versus reactive when taking care of your rental property. 

Scheduling regular cleanings with a cleaning company is the easiest way to keep a home tidy. Your Airbnb guests will be much happier and leave you positive reviews based on their experience. It’s worth investing in a good cleaning company that you can trust to perform routine cleanings of the home.

As an out of state investor, you can be completely hands-off and know with confidence that your rental property is clean.

Using A Roomba

No matter how good your cleaning company is, it doesn’t hurt to have extra help while they are away. Investing in a Roomba can help your Airbnb rental stay clean during the odd hours that cleaners aren’t tidying up your property. As an out of state investor, it’s important to leverage technology when possible to make your job easier.

Roombas can be set to particular schedules. For example, you can have them run at night when people are sleeping. Consider adding one to your Airbnb rental property to keep your home cleaner than it ever was before. The more you maintain your property, the more value it will hold over time. If you plan to keep your short-term rental for a shorter period of time, investing in proper cleaning tools is crucial.

Add Fans

Circulating the air is an effective way to keep the interior of your Airbnb rental property less dusty. While dust may not seem like a huge problem initially because it’s so microscopic, it can pile up over time. When left uncleaned, dust can build up and become visibly dirty to Airbnb guests. Eventually, dust can turn into filth that is harder to clean off.

By adding fans throughout your Airbnb, you increase the airflow throughout the property. This makes it much harder for the dust to build up and will ultimately save your cleaning company time tidying up the house. You can add ceiling fans in each bedroom. This helps keep dust from piling up on dressers, nightstands, and televisions.

For common area rooms, you can place small table fans or larger standup fans in places where they fit naturally to increase the airflow. Fans are a powerful and relatively inexpensive way to help keep your Airbnb clean.