It’s probably not the most exciting aspect of your business, but a reliable janitorial service is one of those background tasks that seems invisible when it’s working. From keeping your work areas tidy to disinfecting high-traffic zones, peace of mind is just the first benefit of outsourcing your janitorial duties.

It’s important for your space to look clean and present well to customers, but there are some other direct benefits to your day-to-day operation.

Less Sick Days and More Productivity

There are no two ways about it; surfaces people touch often are usually covered in bacteria. Doorknobs, countertops, and break rooms are a few examples of where germs lay in wait. Particularly as we enter the colder months of the year when no one opens windows and the air is re-circulated, some facility managers would be surprised how quickly those germs can spread.

The point isn’t to gross you out, but we’ve all seen where a few employees get sick and then it becomes a good chunk of the office. When you have multiple employees calling in sick it can really affect work flow, making it harder to hit deadlines and costing the company money.

And that’s before you factor in allergens. Did you know that in allergy season an average of 20% of all sick days reported are related to allergies? A regular carpet and upholstery cleaning can eliminate many of these woes — at least around the office. Air filter changes and other easy-to-forget tasks can go a long way toward preventing itchy eyes, congestion, headaches, and other distractions that crush productivity.

With regular janitorial services these concerns are diminished.

A Clean Office is a Safe Office — The Janitorial Services Touch

People are wary of wet surfaces and ice in inclement weather, but the biggest source of workplace falls and injuries come from something a little more innocuous. It’s not stairways or parking lots. It’s simply the flat surfaces within the building.

Surveys on all types of facilities, from restaurants to hospitals and hotels, show pretty consistent results. Roughly 70 percent of falls happen on flat indoor surfaces like tile and concrete.

These same slips are the biggest cause of workers’ compensation claims, not to mention that they create over 8 million hospital visits per year.

If your building has dirty, sticky, or slick floors it could be an accident waiting to happen. Areas with heavy foot traffic often have grime buildup, which can catch the bottoms of sneakers when people are walking quickly. Your business doesn’t have time for that.

Take the guess work out of your cleaning and maintenance tasks and hire an experienced team of janitorial professionals. Our staff is trained in cleaning areas contaminated with germs and even blood borne pathogens, with over 20 years experience of adhering to stringent facility standards.

Call us today to learn more about how our janitorial services can improve your work flow!