Running a healthcare facility involves a lot of moving parts. Between managing staff and upholding the latest health code standards, outsourcing things like your environmental services can be a big help to your productivity.

Medical facilities have a much greater concern for surface pathogens like MRSA and vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE). Everything from how often these surfaces are cleaned to what cleaning agents were used plays into the effectiveness of treatment at the facility.

No-touch room procedures introduced in recent years definitely help cut down on the transmission of these pathogens, but nothing is perfect.

Safe, Allergen-Free Environmental Services

Our environmental services use environmentally-friendly agents to minimize allergic reactions and eliminate that offensive “cleaning chemical” smell. We find both of these particularly important for 24 hour facilities where it’s difficult to shut down an area for long for cleaning. Cleaning rooms between patients is a given, but the faster that room is available for a new patient the better.

In a similar point, the faster a patient becomes well the more quickly the room can be used by a new patient, so cleanliness works both ways.

But it’s not just about cleaning the room in between patients. Ongoing environmental services on a daily basis prevent cross contamination and keep the rooms looking their best for visitors.

A Better Environment for the Staff

But keeping surfaces as sterile as possible benefits the staff as well. Those working in the medical facility are in contact with those same surfaces, arguably more so than patients. Each physician visits a variety of patients, so keeping patient areas clean prevents cross contamination.

Clean work spaces mean less employee sick days, especially during busy seasons where being short-staffed can really strain the office.

Environmental services reduce operational stress for medical facilities by taking care of a significant aspect of daily operation without anyone being obligated to personally supervise cleaners.

We can tailor the services to the specifics of your facility, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maintain a simpler and cleaner operation.