As a resource, we wanted to create a throwback article to list a few other significant ones we’ve posted over the last year or so. Below you’ll find post explanations for some of the more influential ones, or that answer some of the most frequent questions people have.

Why regular office cleaning can create tangible ROI

Most times when you read about office cleaning services the main draw that’s always mentioned is how sharp your office will look for customers. While that’s true, it’s hardly something anyone needs to be told. But what if investing in it had tangible ROI?

In this post, we delve into stats given by various reputable sources, including the CDC, to get an idea of how much absenteeism from germs etc. cost companies each year, how much of that could be prevented, and the impacts it has on those businesses.

Professional House Cleaning To Sell Your Home

Sure, everyone knows you want a clean house when you show it pre-sale. But the degree to which a professional cleaning company will clean it versus what a busy homeowner may do, can make quite a difference for the realtor.

Moving is a big endeavor, and when there’s buying and selling involved in the midst of everything it’s a lot to juggle. Sourcing that bit to professionals can make setting up a showing seamless.

Do yourself a favor and look into that if you’re planning to sell your home. And if you’re a realtor that routinely deals with showing houses, consider adding this to your repertoire. Your ability to quickly turn properties around is crucial to credibility, and as you can imagine touches like this make the way easier.

Cleaning Solutions For Private Schools & Other Educational Facilities

When people think of cleaning in schools they probably envision your typical janitor working at a high school. It’s true that public schools generally employ their own cleaning staff.

But for private schools, colleges, boarding schools, and other educational facilities like them, there’s a bit more freedom in how they can handle cleaning needs. For those cases, our cleaning programs aim to provide all the benefits of an on-staff team, but with the convenience of not needing to manage them directly.

This can mean one-off cleaning projects during your busiest points of the year to supplement your current team so things don’t fall behind. Or it can mean longer term setups where we keep a team on site at your location, functioning much like part of your staff.

Carolina Services of the Triad has been a reliable solution for house cleaning and commercial cleaning for over 20 years. If your needs sound like any of the things mentioned here, we’d love to hear from you! We can discuss what’s involved and formulate a plan to solve your needs.