A Thorough Cleaning Prevents Raised Eyebrows in Walkthroughs

Between home inspections and financing questions on your next home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to sell a house. One fairly simple thing that not everyone thinks to do, however, is get the house professionally cleaned.

Sure, it’s yet one more thing to plan. However, a professionally cleaned home is a lot easier to sell once potential buyers start doing walkthroughs. This is the opportunity to get dust and anything else off of surfaces, corners, and under furniture. If there are any stains in the carpets, that’s something a buyer is going to immediately notice and count against anything else they like about the house.

In these cases it’s not so much that a buyer will see how clean the house is and say, “Wow! I need to buy this!”

It’s more a matter of preventing detractors for that person. Imagine that person loves the house during the walkthrough, but leaves thinking about the carpet they may have to replace or wondering about how soon they’ll have to maintenance that kitchen tile. Those are questions that drive down the asking price or discourage an offer altogether.