The Age of Green Cleaning Services

August 22, 2016

Even cleaning has gone green. These days everyone is becoming more health conscious, from the habits we practice each day to the products we use to get things done. As commercial cleaning services go, it’s much the same. Modern businesses deserve more than toxic cleaning agents with strong odors that …

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The Cleaning ROI For Industrial Facilities Managers

July 28, 2016

Maintenance processes for industrial cleaning can make all the difference in running a tight, efficient operation. For facilities managers in the Greensboro, Winston Salem, Kernsersville, and Charlotte areas there is a simple solution to better business. Carolina Services of the Triad has been in business for over 20 years keeping …

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An Evolution of Commercial Cleaning

May 11, 2016

Commercial cleaning is something we take as a given these days, but the actual history of this service may surprise you. Sure, people cleaning for others in itself is a service dating back thousands of years. You can probably picture staff keeping a manor clean or even wait staff tidying …

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Commercial Cleaning in Schools and Daycares: A Case Study

May 10, 2016

When some folks hear commercial cleaning for schools and daycares they probably think floor waxing and dusting. Both of those are important, but the greater concern the schools had was actually sanitizing surfaces. In cases of schools we’ve worked with before, the kitchen was a big focus. All of the …

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Commercial Cleaning for Winston Salem Businesses

May 9, 2016

Though we’re based on Kernersville, we have a wide service area that goes beyond Greensboro and Winston Salem. Our territory has grown over the years as we continue to help Triad businesses with their commercial cleaning needs, from janitorial services to assisted living facility services. The benefits of commercial cleaning …

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2 Simple Office Cleaning Tips For Greater Productivity

April 20, 2016

Even if your office uses a professional cleaning company to do the “heavy lifting” on a regular basis, there are some quick things your staff can do in between those sessions to improve work flow. These types of cleaning tips are less about cleaning large areas and more about tidying …

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How Office Cleaning Services Mean A More Productive Workplace

March 31, 2016

There’s a lot that goes into keeping a typical office functioning smoothly each week, and it’s easy to see office cleaning as a side task that happens outside the scope of other functions. But in its own way keeping things professionally cleaned works into many other aspects of the business. …

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Commercial Floor Waxing Services for a Sharp, Modern Business | Greensboro

March 10, 2016

Floor waxing for a commercial business is a beneficial process that improves the longevity of floors and safety for staff. Here at CST we’re committed to the right training and equipment — things that form the core of an efficient process for these types of jobs. We can talk about …

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2 Major Ways Industrial Cleaning Saves You Money

February 12, 2016

An industrial facility is a very different working environment than an office space, and consequently has a larger array of considerations for keeping things clean. Where as in an office the primary concern may be keeping floors clean and surfaces disinfected, industrial facilities often work with heavy machinery and chemicals. …

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Commercial Cleaning: Top 3 Benefits For Greensboro Businesses

February 11, 2016

Commercial cleaning may not be as eye-popping as neon signs or digital displays in your business space, but it plays a subtle and important role in the efficiency of your day-to-day. Simply put, businesses that prioritize keeping clean tend to be more successful than those that don’t. But there’s obviously …

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