Event space cleaning is vital for the same reasons property management companies thrive with regular cleaning service: rapid turnaround with high presentation demands.

Whether you’re an independent event planner or organizing a corporate function internally, what you’re probably looking for most of all is a cleaning team that can seamlessly grab the reins. A “set it and forget it” solution.

Here’s how we work, and what we recommend.

Pre-Event Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • Detailed Dusting and Polishing: Ensure all surfaces, including high and hard-to-reach areas, are dust-free and polished.
  • Floor Care: Deep clean carpets, polish floors, and remove any spots or stains.
  • Restroom Sanitization: Make sure restrooms are disinfected and fully stocked with supplies.
  • Kitchen and Catering Areas: Emphasize the need for cleaning and sanitizing all kitchen surfaces and equipment to meet health standards.

These things are all the more important if the event is outdoors during warmer months. The USDA has explained that foodborne illness is more prevalent in the heat, since bacteria spreads significantly faster and any small missteps in cleanliness can quickly spiral.

Customized Cleaning For Different Types of Events

Every type of event requires a different setup, but here are the major types we’re equipped to help with.

Conferences, Trade Shows, and Conventions

These are usually large spaces where sheer volume is at play. Aside getting the area visually clean, our solutions such as Clorox 360 can disinfect big areas like this incredibly quickly.

This is ideal for both before and after the show to keep the area free from contagions.

These events will feature a number of vendors and booths, and often involve food. That means wrappers, crumbs, and cups that will all need to be disposed of properly. Sweeping, cleanup, and trash removal are all things we can take care of.

Seminars and Team Building Events

These are generally smaller settings, and it’s more about crafting a singular, specific visual narrative to aid the presentation.

We can coordinate with your setup crew, as well as any other professionals who will be a part of the seminar, prior to showtime. That might be the presenter or guest speaker, or those involved in setting up props, tables, and decorations.

Product Launches

This is perhaps the highest stakes type of event in this group. This is the public’s first glimpse of that product, and the impression created here will be discussed in social circles and throughout the product’s life cycle.

While cleaning doesn’t necessarily play into gaffes like power failures or faulty peripherals (like display outputs, mice, or pointer devices), it can definitely affect the sense of quality with the venue.

Often, guests will be seated at the presentation space for a period of time before the presenter begins — much like a music concert. That’s plenty of time to notice the state of the chairs, the tables, and the bathrooms.

If those things are dirty or look neglected, those are actually the first things a guest sees. Even before the product.

Suppose you showed up at an event venue and grabbed a snack and hit the bathroom before being seated. If you were kind of grossed out by the bathroom, would it affect how you felt about the food? And if you went to find your seat and were again disappointed by the non-pristine tables, would that color your expectations for the presentation you were about to watch?

If you’re seeking reliable cleaning pros for your facility, call us today to discuss details and obtain a quote.