With the prevalence of virtual showings and video tours, plenty of folks are spending dozens of hours during the stay-at-home order cruising real estate listings. With the economic shifts of COVID- 19 and the overabundance of time to get really familiar with the flaws of your current housing situation, you may be among them!

Perhaps you are considering upgrading to a bigger home. Or you may have decided to downsize instead.

Either way, if you are thinking of selling or renting your home, having a professional cleaning service treat every nook and cranny will set your listing apart!

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Professional Cleaning and Sanitizing To Help Sell Your Home

Between home inspections and financing questions on your next home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to sell a house. One fairly simple thing that not everyone thinks to do, however, is get the house professionally cleaned.

Sure, it’s one more thing to plan. However, a professionally cleaned home is a lot easier to sell once potential buyers start doing walkthroughs — even if those walkthroughs are being done virtually.

This is the opportunity to get dust and anything else off of surfaces, corners, and under furniture. If there are any stains in the carpets, that’s something a buyer is going to immediately notice and count against anything else they like about the house.

Dirt and dust on the moldings and trim, especially in bathrooms, are subtle things that register. The same goes for discolorations on the caulk around sinks, bathtubs, etc.

In these cases, it’s not so much that a buyer will see how clean the house is and say, “Wow! I need to buy this!”

It’s more a matter of preventing detractors for that person. Things that work against the impression of the home when compared to other homes the buyer has looked at.

Ultimately, A Thorough Cleaning Prevents Raised Eyebrows in Walkthroughs.

Imagine that person loves the house during the walkthrough, but leaves thinking about the carpet they may have to replace or wondering about how soon they’ll have to maintenance that kitchen tile. Those are questions that drive down the asking price or discourage an offer altogether.

When the selling market is competitive it really pays to take these things into consideration to ensure your property is a contender. And if you’ve noticed your home has been on the market awhile, has had some showings, but doesn’t seem to be attracting any serious interest, these things may be why.

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Simplify Your Life With a “Move Out” Cleaning Service

Some of the aforementioned concerns aren’t obvious at first. After you’ve moved the furniture out, as well as area rugs and other furnishings, blemishes can become pretty glaring.

A thorough “move out cleaning service” typically involves:

  • Cleaning appliances inside and out for a great presentation.
  • Scrubbing down showers, sinks, and tubs.
  • Washing the windows inside and out. (Perfectly clear windows really pop.)
  • Removal of smudges and fingerprints from the woodwork, and restoration of natural luster.
  • Washing baseboards and floors so the space looks immediately inviting.
  • Odor elimination.
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting to eliminate the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Packaged this way, you can see that it’s a pretty one-stop solution when you’re moving out and/or trying to sell a home.

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Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Rental Before Moving

While we discussed above the value of house cleaning when you’re about to sell a home, there’s an equally viable thing at play when you’re a renter nearing the end of your lease.

With a lease there’s almost always the requirement of an initial deposit to move in. Getting that deposit back is dependent on the condition of the home after you leave. But like trading in a car, you could have taken good care of it and it’s not immediately obvious if the seats and floors are dirty.

And like that analogy, the quote you’ll get for the trade-in will be reduced if your car looks that way.

Sure, you took care of the house while you lived there. But what really sells that point is when the landlord walks in and thinks, “Wow!” at how clean and neat everything is. We recently had a customer with that exact experience, and it was particularly rewarding about hearing the story is that they hadn’t gotten their deposit back two homes prior in a row. Differences in landlords is certainly at play as well, but by their own admission the cleaning made a big difference in the way they left the home.

If you’re preparing for an upcoming move and want some help cleaning things up and taming the chaos, give us a call today!

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Regular Cleaning for Your Home After You Move

Clean homes are not only nice to look at – but actually good for you! If you have been struggling with stress, an unkempt home can actually lower stress levels. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s talk about some studies that have proved this theory.

Dr. NiCole Keith, a professor at Indiana University, conducted a study with almost 1,000 people from ages 49-65 to observe the effects of cleanliness on health. She found that those who kept their homes cleaner were healthier and more active than the participants that did not.

Another study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin focused on women. The study that revealed that those who described their homes as “cluttered” were more depressed, fatigued and stressed than those who kept their homes clean. From less stress to actually living longer, studies have shown that there are numerous health benefits from living in a clean space.

Take this summer vacation to get started on lowering your stress levels by cleaning up a bit! Now, some people find cleaning therapeutic, but others find it to be a tedious task. If you’re someone who hates cleaning but enjoys a fresh space it might be time to look into your options.

Take At Least ONE Thing Off Your Plate Now That School is Back in Session

Even though school is back in session, your kids may still be at home and attending school virtually.

As you have experienced first hand over the past six months, it is practically impossible to keep a clean house when the kids are home all day, every day.

Sometimes it seems like no matter how fast they take their shoes off or wash their hands, the mess still follows them.

Even if you can keep up with their mess, keeping a clean home means kids will be less likely to catch a cold. Meaning fewer doctor visits, medical bills, and time off work for you!

Having a professional cleaning service come in regularly — such as weekly or biweekly — will take at least ONE stressor off your plate.

Prevent Pesky Pests

Through common sense, we all know that we should keep our houses clean, but it’s just not as easy as it sounds. During the summer we want to enjoy the weather by keeping doors and windows open.

Even if you’re not the kind of person who purposely leaves the door open, you’re a lot more likely to because there isn’t a rush of cold, winter air to remind you to close it.

When doors get left open, it gives the little guys an invitation to come into your home. Then, one day you’re doing the dishes and you notice some ants — yuck!

By having a cleaning service that can focus on deep cleaning all the nooks and crannies, the ants may want to come in but there isn’t any residue from food or messes to keep them there long.

If you’re someone who hates cleaning or just doesn’t have the time for a deep clean – you’re in luck!

We can take care of it for you. First, we will give you our free home inspection to see what we’re dealing with and give you the opportunity to give us any special instructions you might have.

We specialize in COVID-19 compliant cleaners to make sure your home is as clean and safe as possible. We’ll even keep a log of your services and specifications so we know which rooms need some extra loving.

To check out all of our cleaning services for the home visit https://cstriad.com/services/house-cleaning-services/.