A fresh clean from experienced cleaners right in the area. We’ve been a consistently growing family cleaning company for decades, and offer both one-off and continues options for everyday cleaning needs.

House Cleaning Services

House cleaning services are a big part of what we offer, and our services in Winston Salem include:

  • Carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, and vacuuming
  • Deep cleaning & disinfection
  • Home office cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Cleaning bathroom surfaces
  • Dusting

All part of the regular cleaning services in Winston! Our goal is to do an amazing job so your busy life isn’t disrupted. Seamlessness is what we know everyone is after, these days more than ever. We can come by on a weekly or even bi weekly schedule — whichever fit best into your routine for a clean home.

We value the relationships we build with families in Winston Salem and nearby cities, and our stability has come from being a long term solution. We’ll gauge the size and complexity of your home’s layout, and use a crew of house cleaners that makes sense for efficient yet detail oriented refresh.

Cleaning the carpets from under a chair

Cleaning Service You Can Rely On In The Winston Salem Area

There are several franchised cleaning services in this city as well as High Point, but folks sometimes report the downside of that is inconsistency. 

Franchise owners change, as do the managers and staff in any given region. Working with one company for several years might mean frequently meeting new cleaners, or that what began as a fantastic job may become hit or miss.

There’s been a lot of opportunity in Winston Salem today around Wake Forest University and downtown, from basic cleaning to customized cleaning plans. Some families have felt a little shuffled around, though, and are sometimes unhappy with their cleaning services.

If you are looking for a new cleaning service, we can get you a free estimate right away!


Becoming A Go To Cleaning Company, Here and High Point

In our case, we aren’t a nationwide franchise focused mostly on scale. There are enough cleaning services in Winston Salem NC that the main ways to stand out are to promise two things:

  1. We’ll provide the best cleaning service we can, promptly and within budget.
  2. Our house cleaning crews have undergone background checks and are professionally trained to the latest standards.

By being transparent and paying attention, we’ve been able ton maintain focus on all the little details clients value most in a cleaning service. That goes beyond the training and the equipment.

The interesting aspect about Winston Salem and Greensboro being the size cities they are is that being on the far ends of either means seeking house cleaning services Kernersville still make a lot of sense. (And might even be closer.)

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Home Cleaning With Eco Friendly Products

We don’t use any harsh chemicals when cleaning, but that doesn’t stop your space from smelling fresh when we’re done! Our cleaning supplies have enough potency for business cleaning at offices and medical facilities in Winston Salem, yet are hypoallergenic, eco friendly, and irritant-free enough to suit maid service, house cleaning service, and bathrooms.

Our deep cleaning options dissipate quickly, so keeping your home clean won’t affect your well being.

Safe for any family, even with small children and pets, and creates some extra free time not having to do all the cleaning.

Smelling a fresh, clean scent after house cleaning

What Do Customers Say About Our Cleaning Services in Winston Salem?

From simple house cleaning services to deep cleaning that staves off illness, here are some testimonials from our regular customers!

If I could give this company 15 stars, it still wouldn’t be enough. I’m not one to write reviews, but this organization deserves it. We regularly entertain VIP visitors in our facilities, and the thoroughness and professionalism of Carolina services has allowed us the opportunity to put our best foot forward with potential clients. They go above and beyond,and could probably charge a lot more for all that they do. In a day and age when customer service skills, professionalism and pride in work are often at a loss, these guys just get it right. Highly, highly recommended.

A Champion Mindset, From Google Local

Had to post on here and give compliments to Ron Edmunds! He cleans our office everyday at Rev Mills and truly does such a wonderful job. Our office loves him and he always brightens up our day. He is a perfect example of a hard and kind worker we need to appreciate!

Gabrielle Haddox, From Google Local

The Right Cleaning Tools Are Our Top Priority, and Add Speed and Effectiveness For Cleaning Family Homes.

Measuring and pre-cutting tools for specialty windows can make complex custom window cleaning far faster. Over the years in business in NC our teams have refined their methods continually, especially for deep cleaning.

Sometimes that has included training and acquisition of great new technologies, and other times that’s additional certifications.

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Blending Tradition and Innovation: Winston Salem NC’s Urban Renaissance and Historic Charm

Winston Salem, North Carolina, often hailed as the “City of Arts and Innovation,” has witnessed a remarkable transformation over the last decade. This bustling city, nestled in the heart of the Piedmont Triad, has seen a surge in urban development, particularly in the form of new apartments and lofts sprouting up in and around its vibrant downtown area. 

These contemporary living spaces, with their sleek designs and modern amenities, cater to a growing population that seeks the convenience and excitement of city life.

Beyond its urban renewal, Winston Salem is a city deeply rooted in history and tradition. It’s a place where the past isn’t just preserved; it’s celebrated and seamlessly integrated with the present. Strolling through the city’s historic districts, one is immediately captivated by the well-preserved buildings and charming streets that hark back to an era gone by. 

An aerial shot of downtown Winston Salem

Yet, in this historic heart lies a pulsating hub of modernity and innovation.

The city is home to state-of-the-art medical facilities, including the renowned Wake Forest School of Medicine and other hard working medical institutions. These centers of health and science stand in harmonious contrast to the historical backdrop, exemplifying Winston Salem’s unique ability to blend the old with the new. 

In Winston Salem, every corner tells a story, a narrative of a city that respects its past while boldly forging its future. From the repurposed historic buildings now housing tech startups to the bustling medical campuses pushing the frontiers of science, Winston Salem stands as a shining example of how a city can honor its heritage while embracing the possibilities of tomorrow.

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