Finding a competent house cleaner for a standard household isn’t difficult and there are plenty of options locally. However, the equipment and techniques needed for higher-end homes can be pretty different — and not all cleaning companies are set up for that.

In Kernersville as well as surrounding cities like Winston Salem, Greensboro, and Archdale, there are some high-end homes with amenities like:

  • Vaulted and cathedral ceilings
  • High-end materials like marble and exotic woods 
  • Large windows
  • En-suite baths with ample glass and mirrors
  • Custom moldings, trim and staircases
  • Home offices, gyms and wine cellars

Our house cleaning teams have the expertise for all these scenarios, so you’ll never have to worry about scratched surfaces or inconsistent coverage.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

5-star Google review for facility cleaning
5-star review from Michael Mayo
5-star review from Gabrielle Maddox

Frequently Asked Questions About High-End House Cleaning

How long does a house cleaning session take?

Plan for 1-3 hours, though larger homes can take longer than smaller ones of course. To keep each visit as efficient as possible, for larger projects we often assign multiple cleaners or teams to do a thorough while minimizing the length of our stay.

Is this a one-off service or an ongoing one?

We offer both. If you generally clean your home yourself but need some help in preparation for a special occasion, we can provide that when needed. Or, if you’re looking for a longer term solution you can count on we can work on a regular program. We’ll need some details about your home to provide an estimate.

Do I need to be home when the cleaners arrive?

Not always. If there is a clear way in, or if you’ve left instructions regarding where to find a key, our team can enter with your permission while you are away and clean your home. You’ll return to a crisp space.