Here are some tips to prepare your home and make the job easier a cleaning company to get things sparkling clean. This way, when the cleaners arrive, they can focus on vacuuming floors, window washing, and deep cleaning.

Decluttering the Space for Thorough Cleaning Service

Before the cleaning service arrives, decluttering is key to a successful deep clean. Removing items like books, clothes, and toys from floors and furniture allows the cleaning crew to access all surfaces easily. This is especially important for areas like kitchen counters or coffee tables where you might accumulate daily items. 

Example: Tidying up coffee tables of magazines, books, or family tech makes it easier for the cleaners to sanitize those surfaces. Same for dirty clothes that may be on the floors, on couches, etc. When the house cleaner arrives, the cleaning process will be faster when you organize personal items and avoid food messes.

Prepping Pets for Professional Cleaners

To keep both your pets and the cleaning staff safe, it’s a good idea to arrange for your pets to be in a secure, comfortable place away from the areas being cleaned. This prevents any stress or accidents, and keeps fur away from freshly cleaned areas. 

Example: You might place your cat in a spare bedroom with their litter box, water, and toys during the cleaning session, especially if vacuuming carpets is part of the service, which can be noisy and potentially stressful for animals.

Providing Clear Instructions for The House Cleaners

Communication is crucial when working with a professional cleaning service. Be specific about any areas or items that need special attention or particular cleaning supplies. If you prefer certain products due to allergies or sensitivities, let the service know in advance. 

Example: If your hardwood floors require a specific cleaner to prevent damage, leaving detailed instructions or providing the cleaner yourself can ensure the floors are treated correctly without causing harm.

Accessible Cleaning Areas for Deep Cleaning

Ensuring that all areas are accessible is crucial for a deep clean. This might mean moving furniture slightly so the cleaning service can vacuum carpets under and around them or ensuring that all surfaces are easily reachable. 

Example: If you’re expecting a detailed cleaning under heavy furniture, use sliders to slightly move pieces like dressers or beds. This prep work allows the house cleaner to reach dust and debris that accumulates in hidden spots, facilitating a more effective home cleaning service.

Securing Fragile & Valuable Items for House Cleaners

Delicate items like fine china, collectible figurines, or glassware should be secured or put away prior to the arrival of your cleaning crew. This minimizes the risk of accidental breakages and allows the cleaning team to work more confidently and quickly around your home. This includes glass surfaces.

Why it helps: Removing the worry of handling fragile items lets the cleaners focus on cleaning rather than maneuvering cautiously around valuables. This leads to a more focused and efficient cleaning session.

Tidying Up Counters & Window Sills

Clearing kitchen and bathroom counters of personal items such as toiletries, dishes, and small appliances not only ensures these surfaces receive a thorough cleaning but also prevents any possible contamination or misplacement of your items. 

Why it helps: When counters are cleared, the cleaning service can perform more detailed cleaning, easily accessing all corners and backspaces, which might otherwise be overlooked. This results in a more sanitary and pleasing environment.

Putting Away Private and Dangerous Items

Personal belongings that are especially private, such as important documents, jewelry, or potentially dangerous items like firearms, should be securely stored away. This protects your privacy and ensures the safety of everyone in the home. 

Why it helps: By securing these items, you eliminate any potential liabilities and allow the cleaning staff to move freely without the risk of encountering hazardous materials. This not only protects your valuable items but also supports the cleaning crew in performing their tasks without hesitation or unnecessary interruptions.

If You Won’t Be Home, Make Sure The House Cleaner Can Easily Access The Space

When cleaning day comes, coordinating with your cleaner may mean leaving the front door unlocked or providing instructions on where they can find a key. In the latter case, make sure it’s in a secure place, and that you mark off any areas that are off limits.

As we mentioned above, special instructions should be put somewhere front and center, or ideally communicated to the house cleaner before they arrive. Usually, we find a rhythm with our customers pretty quickly for an ideal cleaning process for them.

Most house cleaners, including our company, are happy to accommodate where we can so we can work efficiently and everyone is comfortable. The best cleaning service is one that feels seamless, even when it’s a deep cleaning.