Cleaning services should be seamless and make your life simpler. If you’ve been having to go behind your cleaners and catch things they’ve missed, or if they haven’t been punctual and it’s complicating your schedule, it might be time to explore other options.

The cleaning industry is, unfortunately, rife with this.

The First Things To Do When You’re Unhappy With The Cleaning Business You’ve Been Using

Call your cleaners and let them know you aren’t thrilled with the service you’re receiving, and explain why. If the service used to be better, see if you can find out why it’s changed.

Generally a professional cleaning company wants everything to work as much as the homeowners do, and a candid conversation might get things back on track.

Likely if you ended up on this page, though, the poor service has been a pattern.

If that’s the case we’re happy to talk with you.

But let us also tell you a bit about us.

Carolina Services of the Triad Has Forged A Three Decade Family Business On Customer Satisfaction.

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When Marlene left her corporate job and became a business owner in 1995, she had a series of lessons learned where she felt she could provide better service for customers.

Customers generally judge a commercial or home cleaning company on punctuality, reliability, and thoughtfulness. How friendly and well-trained are the cleaning technicians? Do they bring a special attention to detail each week?

While we are always looking to grow and take on new customers, what we’ve really seen pay big dividends is the long term relationships we have with our clientele.

Some degree of turnover is normal, but by and large we’ve retained a large chunk of our customers year after year because of the service we strive to provide.

“If I could give this company 15 stars, it still wouldn’t be enough. I’m not one to write reviews, but this organization deserves it. We regularly entertain VIP visitors in our facilities, and the thoroughness and professionalism of Carolina services has allowed us the opportunity to put our best foot forward with potential clients. They go above and beyond,and could probably charge a lot more for all that they do. In a day and age when customer service skills, professionalism and pride in work are often at a loss, these guys just get it right. Highly, highly recommended.”

-Google Review

We train and provide continuing education ongoingly so our employees handle whatever cleaning needs our customers have, no sweat.

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Cleaning Solutions For Work and Home

We are a house cleaning company, but we’ve also worked with local companies like Fedex, numerous colleges and educational facilities, and offices.

Some of our core services include:

You made it here, and we hope we’ve demonstrated some value. If so, let’s talk.