Janitorial Services

At Carolina Services of the Triad, we offer completely customized packages of a wide variety of janitorial services, tailored to fit your company’s specific requirements and your budget.

You can choose from daily, weekly or as-needed schedules with add-ons such as environmentally-friendly “green” cleaning, laundry service, construction debris removal and more.

Our Janitorial Services Include:

  • Vacuum and/or sweep and mop floors of all kinds
  • High and low dust removal from all hard surfaces
  • Vacuum all upholstered furniture
  • Empty and clean waste receptacles and remove trash from premises
  • Fully clean and sanitize all bathrooms and kitchen areas
  • Disinfect shared items such as remote controls, telephones, computer equipment, etc.
  • Wash interior windows

Your facility may need laundry and linen service, or even recycling assistance. We even offer floor waxing and care, pressure washing, exterior window cleaning and lawn maintenance services through our special services division. Our janitorial services packages are totally customized to give you everything your company needs in order to provide a well-maintained facility.

The overall appearance of your company’s surroundings is another way of communicating your brand image to business partners and potential customers.

But safety is important, too. It’s not enough to simply create a clean-looking business with janitorial services. Today’s businesses need an eco-friendly cleaning solution a cut above the old way of maintaining the facility.

Our CST Eco-Clean janitorial services package includes a complete assortment of environmentally-sustainable cleaning products that replace the usual harsh chemicals other janitorial services companies use. We know that these products are better for the global environment as well as healthier for the people who visit and work in your facility. If you are trying to achieve or maintain LEED certification, CST can document these practices to assist with that process.

Janitorial Services Mean a Safer Workplace

From cleaning up hazardous chemicals and solvents to disinfecting commonly used surfaces, janitorial services take the worry out of the business operation.

In your typical business, for instance, the CDC estimates that 80% of illnesses are spread through contract with surfaces we touch all the time. Surfaces like keyboards, counters, phones, and bathrooms are prime spots for germs to build up.

Regularly disinfecting these surfaces, removing trash, and cleaning the floors makes a big difference in keeping people healthy.