Our involvement in construction projects, namely with our construction cleanup services, has kept us abreast of some of the recent developments in response to COVID-19. In this case, it’s worth sharing that North Carolina is implementing a new program to keep construction teams current on safety measures.

NC’s new “Safety First” campaign is a statewide effort to ensure construction companies and those they employ always have the most up-to-date information about handling materials, procedures, and changes to availability of tools and parts needed for jobs.

Local construction contractors have noted that through much of 2020 there were delays for commercial projects as well as home remodels.

Most of these delays were because of supply shortages. They also noted that when permits and other paperwork are needed — cases where local government offices are involved — that sometimes homeowners were left in limbo awaiting approval.

Very likely this is because of staffing shortages these offices are dealing with, but sometimes it’s also user error from being stressed. In one instance, a follow up phone call to one of these offices revealed the paperwork had been left somewhere and never even looked at for weeks on end. After the reminder, it was something that was rubber stamped that day and turned around.

Pointing that out isn’t to place blame, but to make it clear to local businesses and homeowners alike that there are a lot of moving parts for projects like these. When the heat is on, opportunities for snags become more prevalent.

If you’re planning a renovation of any kind, give yourself plenty of time and make sure you’re as organized as possible beforehand. Local contractors say that having as many things prepared in advanced as you can makes the process much smoother.

And if the contractor is aware of potential supply shortages pre-project, they can help set realistic expectations of timelines for homeowners and businesses.

To circle back, that’s a very tangible benefit to the “Safety First” program.

As its name would imply it’s largely about safety on the construction sites for workers, but the side benefits to the information they’ll be given is good for everyone.