When we go to medical facilities we expect them to be among the cleanest places we have ever been to. There is nothing more unsettling than going to a medical facility and seeing the office in any condition other than pristine. It may cause concern for contracting illness, and speaks to the level of care one may experience there. For these reasons, it is critical that medical offices clean properly – or hire a company to do so. 

There are many different kinds of medical facilities that are held to this standard, such as a doctor, dentist, or other professional medical buildings. It can also include labs, pharmacies, medical equipment manufacturing facilities and dialysis centers. Moreover, nursing homes and assisted living centers are also held to this standard. 

To ensure that these health care facilities are up to par, the Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offer guidelines that are always met. These efforts work together to ensure that you are receiving healthcare from a facility that is capable of doing so.

We’ve serviced medical offices throughout the Triad area and beyond — all the way to Raleigh. Mt. Airy is a popular spot, and we’ve had a lot of success there.

Why It Is So Important That Medical Facilities Are Clean

We already know that it is important for medical offices to be kept clean, and thankfully, there are regulations that must be upheld to ensure cleanliness. According to a recent study by Dr. Jennifer H. Ha, in 2011, healthcare-associated infections were the cause of 75,000 deaths – causing it to be one of the leading causes of death in America and the rest of the world. Medical facilities are often tested for cleanliness levels to ensure that their patients are not at risk. Moreover, by keeping your medical facility clean you will generate more business. 

The patients are the focus for all of these organizations; their safety, helping them get better and even providing them a welcoming, clean environment. When medical facilities do not keep their offices clean, it allows for the spread of illness and disease — and seeing as you’re already visiting the doctor you really don’t want to catch something else. 

Not only is it important for your safety, but for the safety of the office. If patients contract something else while at your medical office – you’re the one held responsible. Medical staff can usually manage most of this with careful attention to cross-contamination and by using gloves, however, the cleanliness of the medical facility can be a bit more tricky. This is why it can be extremely helpful to hire a cleaning company; this way you know that everything will be taken care of properly. 

What Makes Medical Cleaning Unique 

Those who do the cleaning. Those who are trusted with cleaning medical facilities must be reputable. At Carolina’s Services of the Triad, all of our employees are up to date on the rules and regulations which allow them to properly clean health care offices. In addition, they have all passed background checks which allow them to be eligible for the job. 

Dealing with people in high-stress environments. Patients at medical facilities are often stressed or not feeling their best, therefore, coming in contact with cleaning employees that are polite and courteous is crucial. 

Risk factors. If the cleaning at a medical facility is not done properly, everyone will be put at risk. We make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned with supplies that will not harm you or others. 

Testing of the cleanliness. Various companies test medical facilities to see if they are clean enough; without passing this test they cannot properly practice medicine. We aim to assist in passing these tests so that health care offices can operate to the best of their abilities. 

What Is Included In Cleaning A Medical Facility 

Medical waste must be properly disposed of in order to meet the regulations and protect the patients.  Disposal of medical waste requires a specific process sometimes including bagging, weighing, tagging, and storing in a color-coded container.

We ensure that all protocols are followed during our cleaning process., ensuring our company and your medical facility will be taken care of. 

We use Clorox Total 360 products to provide safe cleaning that still allows for everyday activities in the space. It is very effective and makes the cleaning process much shorter and efficient.

The Clorox Total 360 sprayer covers all surfaces by reaching hard to get places such as underneath or behind surfaces where stubborn bacteria live. 

The cleaning agents dissipate in 10 minutes so that you can go back to work in the space quicker than ever! This allows you to utilize workspaces as much as possible because you aren’t losing precious space or time. 

Our employees are all certified to work in customers’ locations through an extensive background check and training. We comply with all regulations provided by the CDC, OSHA, CMS, and HIPAA. We abide by these guidelines and regulations to assure the best possible service for our customers.