ISSA Show North America took place in McCormick Place, Chicago, with over 11,000 cleaning professionals in attendance. For 70 years the event has been significant partially for the unique networking opportunities, but just as much for education.

Some of the most cutting edge advancements in modern cleaning tools showcase here, and it grants industry pros the chance to change the way the world views cleaning in general.

ISSA’s 10,500 members span the entire cleaning industry supply chain — from manufacturers to distributors and even building service contractors. That’s a ton of expertise from every aspect of the industry, and is valuable for commercial and residential cleaning professionals alike.

This year’s educational session was entitled, “Healthcare Surface Disinfection: Innovations and Experiences.” As the name implies, it will showcase the most modern advancements in healthcare sanitation, such as how ultraviolet light or even copper-infused alloys improve safety for patients.

The Innovation of the Year Award

Each year one cleaning industry company is given this award for its advancements in the field, whether through influence, invention, or introduction of ideas that shape how the industry evolves.

Last year (2021) the Innovation of the Year Award went to Tork — an Essity Brand. Its interactive training tools addressed a crucial segment of hygiene needs for the healthcare industry, including advancements for infection control.

Tork said that to them, healthcare training must be interactive and convenient in order to really make an impact. Otherwise, those in the field would not stay as engaged nor would they retain important information related to best practices. If it’s not retained, it can’t be followed in the day-to-day setting.

ISSA Charities

ISSA Charities is a division of ISSA that operates as a 501(c) organization, and actively seeks funding and sponsoring for social programs directly connected to the cleaning industry.

Some of the charities the organization supports include:

  • Hygieia Network, which advances the cause of diversity and equality in the cleaning industry
  • ISSA Scholors, which supports youth scholarship aid as well as seasonal internships
  • Cleaning For A Reason, which provides complementary home cleaning services for cancer patients

In 2021 there were an impressive 2978 donations made , totaling $60,000 during that one week alone.

ISSA’s Webinar Series

ISSA hosts monthly webinars to further the cause of the annual event, keeping all those who attend up to date on the latest commercial and residential tips and information.

They even have a Webinars On Demand area where you can sign up and access the information from anywhere. (There are a few different options to choose from on the linked page.)

In this way, you can take a piece of the benefit of the ISSA North America annual event with you whenever, and don’t have to wait until October each year to hear about advancements in the space.