As everyone gears up for the holidays it may seem like a hectic time to think of cleaning. But for schools and college campuses this is an opportunity.

Much of the students and staff are away on vacation this time of year, which makes it easier to clean high traffic areas. Major hallways, classrooms, and stairways are great examples of this. Imagine coning off a hallway everyone uses or blocking off a set of stairs while students are commuting between classes and the inconvenience that causes. Sure, there’s always after hours or weekends, but time is limited there and it can still be tough to get a thorough clean done.

Tasks like floor waxing and finishing are far easier when the campus is emptied, and are also luckily tasks that don’t need to happen every month. But once a year it’s a perfect opportunity to make that happen.

We’ve worked with private schools and other educational institutions for years and have plenty of experience with:

  • Janitorial procedures for schools & specific sanitary considerations
  • Common requirements and concerns schools have
  • The hectic pace that cleaning these institutions involves

Our ability to stay flexible has been a huge asset to our customers over the years. In some cases we work alongside existing janitorial crews, adding to the breadth of cleaning tasks accomplished each month. Other times, schools have chosen to entirely outsource this responsibility to us, and we’ve retained teams exclusively for that campus to handle all cleaning needs as they arise ongoingly.

Call us today to leverage your holiday break for a cleaner new year!