Floor Waxing Services

Floor waxing services in Greensboro and Winston SalemFloor waxing can extend the life of your floors and improve their appearance, making them a great ongoing investment. Regular waxing is an excellent add-on to your existing maintenance routine, particularly because it can cut down on other maintenance.

Because wax can act as a surface sealant, it repels water and stains. This makes spills easier to clean up. Waxing also prevents scratches and scuffs from penetrating the surface. It’s much easier to buff out minor scrapes on a protected surface, whereas otherwise those blemishes may have damaged the material.

Ideal for high-traffic areas, the wear and tear will be significantly reduced.

The maintenance benefits are numerous, but a freshly waxed floor also looks great in itself. The slight shine tile takes on when it’s cleaned and waxed gives each room a fresh appearance. It’s a time consuming process, and it’s generally recommended to buff the floors afterward. Outsourcing this type of service give you peace of mind and lets you focus on the other things your business needs to succeed.

We’re proud to offer floor waxing services in addition to our full line of cleaning and building maintenance services, and can create a maintenance program that keeps your floors looking their best for many years to come!

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