In healthcare facilities and nursing homes of all sorts, controlling the transmission of pathogens is a priority. For staff that moves room to room, cross contamination is a constant enemy.

Protocols like using a new set of latex gloves for each room help keep things contained, but keeping the rooms as sterile as possible requires regular professional cleaning. Efforts to maintain the floors and surfaces are important not just for a general sense of cleanliness, but to stop pathogens from multiplying or spreading to other areas of the room.

“The longer a nosocomial pathogen persists on a surface, the longer it may be a source of transmission and thus endanger a susceptible patient or healthcare worker.” (Source)

The benefits extend to everyone in the facility, playing an important role in the overall success of the facility.

Compliance With Healthcare Regulations

Environmental services keep the operation smooth from an administrative standpoint as well. Agencies such as the Division of Health Service Regulation routinely visit medical facilities of all types to assess their adherence to federal guidelines. Among other things they check for cleanliness and attention to privacy and care of the patients.

Similar to how health inspectors give ratings to restaurants and can create fines if the establishments don’t follow the rules, the Department of Facility Services can impose fines on medical facilities if things aren’t in order. Since they often show up without warning, everyday environmental services is the best way to prevent that from going wrong.

Don’t let your medical facility or nursing home end up in that position.

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