Rosie, the cleaning robot from the Jetsons, may be closer than we think!

While the Roomba vacuum has been around for years, it is notorious for falling off surfaces or getting trapped in unhelpful loops.

So are helpful, intelligent, responsive robots capable of deep cleaning and disinfecting really possible?

During this pandemic, fervent research has been put toward that very question. After all, a robot can’t get sick. A robot doesn’t need to wear a mask. A robot isn’t a potential asymptomatic carrier.

Last summer, YOTEL Boston took a chance and added a cleaning robot to their housekeeping team.

The cleaning robot, nicknamed Vi-YO-Let (pronounced “violet”), is a ultraviolet light robot. Similar to the Roomba, Vi-YO-Let roams the hotel, disinfecting the air and all surfaces with UV light.

Vi-YO-Let kills more than 99 percent of viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus. No, Vi-YO-Let doesn’t fold sheets or fluff pillows — but doing important disinfecting work allows the other hospitality staff members to focus on other areas of the hotel that need cleaning.

Hospitality providers, like hotels, are entirely dependent on a customer feeling like a place is clean. A roving germ-killing robot goes a long way toward providing this visual kind of peace-of-mind.

A forecast from May 2020 projects the market for UV disinfecting bots will grow to more than $5.5 billion by 2027. In other words, there is demand for this technological upgrade.

So don’t be surprised if you see a robot bustling about next time you check into a hotel!

In the meantime, if you are looking for assistance, give us a call at 336-996-9883.

We might not have robots (yet), but our highly-trained cleaning professionals can certainly help keep your hospitality business spotless!