Did you know that restaurant cleaning companies are the secret weapon of some of the biggest restaurants around? They are trusted partners of both bar managers and executive chefs, keeping their coveted workspace ready for them the next day, and saving their closing crew a world of work.

Restaurant cleaning companies are a luxury alright, but just what is that they do? What tasks can they knock off your whiteboard to-do list? How can spare you countless labor hours in an industry that is notorious for tight margins? All those questions will be answered in this blog.

Here are the 3 steps to cleaning and sanitizing restaurants that commercial cleaning companies like CST follow.

Cleaning The Commercial Kitchen Area

The kitchen is the most essential part of any restaurant, or at least one that is known for excellent food, like yours. The kitchen is where the magic happens that transforms first time customers into your biggest raving fans. It’s where your regulars favorite dish – their “usual” – is created so all you have to do is ring it in when they sit down at your bar. The back of the house staff works tirelessly to put out great looking – and even better tasting – food all night long. Through long weekend rushes, and for business lunch guests. 

Your BOH crew deserves a break when it comes to closing down at night, and giving them a break will give your Executive chef one as well when it comes to printing the labor report. These breaks for your employees and for your budget are exactly what a restaurant cleaning company can provide. 

The Coronavirus pandemic also changed the landscape of your restaurant. Your BOH team members have been busier than ever with the shift to primarily take out orders. This extra responsibility paired with less kitchen traffic can lead to less through deep cleans, which can result in a kitchen that is not up to health codes per new COVID-19 regulations. This is another great reason to hire a restaurant cleaning company.

The kitchen cleaning process encompasses several different aspects of the lifeblood of your restaurant. The line needs to be thoroughly wiped down and sanitized. This includes all cooking and preparation surfaces. The fryer oil needs to be changed, and the canopy hoods need to be cleaned to prevent a buildup that can start a fire. 

After your line is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, the next area that needs attention is the prep area away from the line. Portioning and mixing areas also need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, along with any necessary preparation equipment like your meat slicer, your mixer, and your scales. The floors also need to be thoroughly swept and mopped. Included with your prep area clean up is your dish washing area which also needs a thorough cleansing. 

Keeping The Bar Compliant

While the kitchen slings out tasty meals, they don’t possess the same charm as your vivacious bartenders who captivate your customers with exceptional and inviting service. Your bar regulars likely have their favorite bartender, along with their favorite meal and cocktail. Your bar staff are just as busy and work just as hard as your BOH crew, and sometimes just as long as your Sous and Executive chefs.

The long hours of your bar closers, which can go well beyond the time the kitchen is closed can make the closing cleaning duties of your bar staff seem extra daunting. This can lead to subpar cleaning as well as an extra drain on your labor budget. Don’t stress, your trusted restaurant cleaning company also cleans your bar area.

The Coronavirus created less crowded bars, but it also created the opportunity for alcoholic drinks to go in the vast majority of states that had pre-existing laws prohibiting such. These new laws created a massive opportunity for your bar to continue to serve your raving fans, but they also came with strenuous requirements, including how your bar area is cleaned. Your restaurant cleaning company knows these new cleaning requirements and executes them above and beyond what your bar staff can do alone.

Your restaurant cleaning company will make sure that every surface of your bar area is thoroughly clean and sanitized including the seating area, the drink preparation area, the sinks and beer coolers, as well as any extra drinking mixing equipment you may have. 

They will also thoroughly clean all bar mats and make sure the floors are swept and mopped.

Ensuring An Ideal Dining Area

The third act of cleaning that you can expect from your restaurant cleaning company is a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of your dining area. This is an area of your restaurant that saw a diminished amount of traffic during the Coronavirus, and as a result, a diminished amount of love. 

As your restaurant reopened, your seating capacity was limited but the sanitizing regulations were mounting. Tables, booths, and chairs were required to be thoroughly sanitized after every guest. This created a never ending cycle of cleaning by your front of house staff throughout their shift, leaving some of their closing duties receiving less attention.

Your restaurant cleaning company will go to work wiping down all services of your dining room including all tables, chairs, booths, menus, and handrails. They will sweep all walkways and under each table, with a thoroughly moping to follow. 

This will go a long way on your next health department grading, as well as to make sure your dining room is looking better than ever as you prepare to operate at full capacity again.

Need a Trusted Restaurant Cleaning Company?

Are you looking for a trustworthy restaurant cleaning company who can ensure your restaurant is fully cleaned and ready for your guests? There’s no one better than CST in North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad. 

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